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Falk GPS devices

Cross-platform UX design

We designed a new, unique brand philosophy for the entire Falk navigation section. The screen and icon designs are clear and expressive. The more than 100 icons that we have designed for this well-established brand have one outstanding feature: their individuality. With a great love of detail, the new interface does not only help travelers arrive safely. It navigates adventurers to city highlights and insider tips.

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Elektrobit navigation software

UX design

UID developed a reference user interface for the navigation solution of the software provider Elektrobit (EB). In a bespoke color scheme, we designed 100 screens in day and night skins and adapted 400 existing icons. For a premium design, we adopted elements used in car cockpits. Another special feature: The new interface design can be adapted to the corporate design of EB's customers.

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JURA fully automatic coffee machine GIGA 5

UI concept and UX design

The fully automatic coffee machine GIGA 5 offers users the world of coffee at the touch of a button, raising the bar for intuitive operation. We helped to develop an interface that showcases the quality of the premium brand JURA. The ease-of-use and the high quality of the appliance are visible at first glance. The display's core elements are soft keys at the edges and a touch/turn button.

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Miele kitchen appliances 6000 series

UI concept, process consulting, prototyping, specification

Consistently simple and convincingly logical: This is the convenient new world of Miele's 6000 series. From steamers to ovens or dishwashers – UID helped to equip all of Miele's appliances with a consistent operating logic. For several years, we supported the premium manufacturer in this process with advice and our concentrated UX know-how.

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Cover Software for publishers

Strategic UX consulting

If you think the publishing industry is outdated, you haven't heard of COVER yet! The new generation of this CRM and ERP software wows its users. Instead of a powerful desktop application, the new COVER includes several task-related apps. Thanks to the future-proof UX strategy that our our consultants have developed, established and implemented in the company, COVER is well positioned. On top of that, UID also contributed concept, design and software reviews.

More information: An interview with cover shows the added-value of strategic consulting.

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viastore warehousing software

UI concept, design, style guide, development support

2,500 logistics features and numerous output devices – these were the challenges that viastore and UID faced when overhauling the warehousing software viadat 9.0. Our efforts resulted in a modular user interface design that optimally supports all user groups and has a consistent appearance across all devices. Thanks to the new user interface and UID’s UX consultants, viastore is a big step ahead of its competitors.

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Consistent HMI for Bosch PA

UI concept, UX design

Thanks to a joint project with UID, Bosch Packing now offers machines with a consistent UI. In close collaboration, we developed a modular system that allows to compile an individual set of controls for any packing machine while keeping a consistent look & feel.

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WITTENSTEIN sizing tool cymex® 5

UX concept, UX design, implementation

Together with our client WITTENSTEIN alpha, we have revolutionized train drive sizing: The cymex® 5 sizing tool enables beginners and advanced users alike to benefit from intuitive, well-structured and fast working processes. Our software engineers implemented the UI in a very agile process using .NET/WPF.

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Bosch Rexroth Industry 4.0 solution

UX design and software engineering

Industry 4.0, the technology of the future, has already become reality in Bosch Rexroth's daily production routine. The interactive communication platform ActiveCockpit processes production data in real time and holds them available. Our objective: intuitive operation, well-structured layout and quick navigation for a convincing solution. The reward: ActiveCockpit was awarded the German Design Award 2016 for outstanding design in the category "Special Mention".

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Hygiene documentation with Comcotec

UI concept, UX design and usability engineering according to IEC 62366

Sterilizing medical instruments is one of the most important but at the same time least popular tasks in hospitals, medical practices and laboratories. Comcotec's mySego system assists in handling the relevant documentation tasks in no time at all. The web-based software visualizes the reprocessing process, fully-automated and in real-time, guiding the user to a legally compliant documentation. We supported Comcotec throughout the entire usability engineering process and accompanied mySego all the way to the regulatory approval.

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Sanofi software for the therapy of diabetes

UX design, user research and consulting

How much insulin has a patient injected? How do blood sugar levels develop in the course of a day? Sanofi's new MyStar Connect® software for the therapy of diabetes answers these questions. For the world's biggest pharmaceutical company, we developed a user interface that doctors and patients understand. The dashboard gives an intuitive overview of all important data - for more safety and success in diabetes therapies.

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seca medical scale

UI concept, UX design, software engineering

As a leading manufacturer of medical scales, seca attaches great importance to precision, technology and design, always focusing on the user. Therefore, choosing UID as a partner for designing the novelty product seca mBCA 515 was an obvious solution. The new scales perform non-invasive measurements and interpret the BCA raw data in line with medical reference data. We complemented the impressive technology with an intuitive cross-platform usage concept and coherent screen design for touch, mobile and desktop applications.