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Combine digital transformation and UX for your market success. The key to this: A UX strategy aligned with your goals.

Anchoring a sustainable UX Strategy in the company

The positive user experience is increasingly coming into focus as an effect on value creation. This requires knowledge of UX and design as well as expertise in marketing and business development. In order to fully exploit the added value of UX in all areas of the company, companies need to integrate UX in a wide variety of areas. UX often makes a greater contribution to a company’s success than organizations have used to date. To realize this potential, companies should develop a plan for how UX contributes to business success in relation to product visions, company goals, customer expectations and the transformation process. Such a roadmap also makes the impact areas of the measures visible. After all, the transformation to a sustainable, people-centric company is taking place at all levels: from individual employees to project and product teams to the entire organization.

The potential of people-centered change

Our Changitors use the practical know-how from over 5,000 UX projects in a wide range of industries and provide you with comprehensive advice on your transformation to a user-centric company – whether at team, project, product or organizational level. We support you with your challenges regarding digital strategy, user centricity and change!

UX Enablement & UX Management

UX enablement creates the conditions for UX to be implemented effectively: For example, through measures such as training and sensitizing employees to the importance of UX or providing UX tools and methods. UX Management ensures the strategic alignment and monitoring of UX activities. This includes defining UX strategies and goals, monitoring them and coordinating collaboration between different teams, such as design, development and product management.

How do I increase my team’s ability to innovate in order to remain competitive?

What specific skills from the UX context does my team need to meet the requirements in projects? How can we ensure that the UX knowledge and skills we have acquired are applied effectively in our teams? Training, coaching and mentoring expand and deepen professional UX skills, create awareness of the UX perspective and align UX goals with corporate goals. The right approaches are needed to bring project and product teams closer together, strengthen their skills and develop them further: various workshop formats and methods such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® create a common understanding, unleash creative potential in the best possible way and contribute to your team building.

How do I achieve sustainable and successful project and product management?

Market, trends, specific know-how – countless factors influence every project that your team has to master. A structured as-is analysis of the goals, strengths and skills of the project team and corresponding coaching on team setting and development paves the way for optimizing your project environment. The next step is to transform traditional product management into agile, people-centered processes. This ensures that your project team can realize its full potential.

How do we become a sustainable organization with a real customer focus?

The transformation of a company into a customer-oriented organization requires careful planning and implementation. Ideally, this transformation is not only optimized for your target group, but also involves everyone involved in the product process. Human-centered development is thus integrated into the entire organizational structure of the company. A company transformed in this way is completely and sustainably people-centered right down to its innermost “DNA”. With a very lasting positive effect!

How do I meet product requirements for ethics and sustainability?

What steps are necessary to identify the sustainability potential in your industry and for your products? How can you ensure that products and services meet ethical standards? Ethical and sustainable products and processes are the measure of tomorrow’s companies. Our UX experts support and advise on the identification and establishment of approaches for an ethical corporate orientation and sustainable product development. With the procedure developed by UID, you can identify sustainable products and services. In addition, we use key questions to help you identify your company’s sustainability challenges. The needs and wishes of customers also play a role. This results in concrete fields of action for the implementation of products and services.

A well thought-out UX Strategy has an impact!


Differentiation from the competition through design

Customer loyalty

Unique and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints

Employee retention

Optimal working environment through people-centered processes

Innovative ability

Developing creative skills and innovation processes in line with requirements

Efficient processes

Increase productivity, reduce development costs

Future strategies

React flexibly to changing requirements, trends and market dynamics

This is how you start your people-centered corporate strategy:

  • MatchMAXing Workshop: Consulting & analysis of the levels organization, product, project, team and person
  • Coaching for (UX) professionals: for UX Team of One, UX managers & non-design product and project managers – also for product teams without a UX focus
  • UX maturity analysis: analysis of the maturity level of your organization
  • UX strategy roadmap: development of a customized roadmap for managing your transformation process
  • Ethical design consulting: support in identifying and establishing approaches for ethical product development and corporate orientation
  • Sustainable UX: Support in the development of sustainable products and services

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