Close in person and digital at the same time: Pharmatechnik and UID bring the pharmacy from the corner into the digital world. Scanning prescriptions conveniently via app, ordering medication around the clock and maintaining personal contact with pharmacy staff – users of the new platform for local pharmacies from Pharmatechnik can do all of this.

Online world meets individual consulting experience

Digitalization is not stopping at the pharmacy world either: more and more people are ordering their medication online and foregoing personal advice from pharmacy staff. There are many reasons for this. Be it the increased risk of infection from other customers, the availability of the desired medication or pure convenience. The aim of our project with Pharmatechnik was to create a digital solution that combines the advantages of the online world with those of an on-site pharmacy visit. The result: a pharmacy platform that offers customers an all-round service and meets their needs as well as those of local pharmacists.

In our project with Pharmatechnik, we have created a platform that combines the advantages of online pharmacies with those of an on-site visit to the local pharmacy I trust.

Franz Koller, Director Sales & Business Development at UID

The process

Our approach was based on the human-centered design process – the core discipline of our UID experts. In order to understand the needs of users, we initially conducted interviews with pharmacies and end users. They later tested our concept using the prototypes for the web portal. We iteratively incorporated their feedback into the concept and design.

The team

The work of our UID specialists is also a complete success remotely. We conducted most of the workshops, interviews and usability tests from our desks at home. In our collaboration with Pharmatechnik, we also focus on agility: right from the start, we involved various stakeholders from software development, product management and marketing in the development process so that they could contribute their ideas to the project at any time.

No detours thanks to e-prescription

The e-prescription was introduced in Germany in 2024. In the app, users can submit their prescription digitally on the way home from the doctor’s surgery.


Pharmacies can choose between three basic themes and adapt accent colors to their corporate design. This gives the platform an individual touch and ensures a high level of recognizability for your customers.

Pharmacy staff always on hand

We placed the chat function and contact details so that the pharmacy you trust is always just a few clicks away. This means that users can contact them with questions at any time.

Qualitative design

The design conveys personal closeness, for example by means of a handwritten font. Thanks to the bright color scheme with warm tones and gold-black accents as well as serif fonts, we created a classy but friendly look and feel and set the application apart from other pharmacy stores.

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Shall we start together?

Feel free to contact us with your project request! In an initial non-binding meeting, we will look at your project together and contribute our UX perspective. We are looking forward to seeing what tasks and challenges you have for us.

Franz Koller, CEO bei UID

Franz Koller

Director Sales & Business Development

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