From electricity supplier to digital energy service provider – that is Badenova’s mission. Badenova is focusing on consistent customer centricity and increasing digitalization throughout the company. Our market and user study laid an important strategic foundation for the change process.

More than just electricity

Badenova is the largest energy supply company in South Baden and has been rooted in its region for decades. Today, the company is facing new challenges: More and more providers are entering the market. Digitalization is also affecting the energy sector. Customers are transferring their experiences from other sectors (everything, immediately, everywhere, inexpensive) to the energy market. With customer-centric products, digital services and a customer-oriented corporate culture, Badenova is positioning itself correctly for the digital future. We are supporting Badenova on this path with our strategic expertise. In a first step, we laid the qualitative and quantitative foundation for the further change process with a market analysis and user studies. They provide an in-depth understanding of the customer and deliver initial starting points for new, customer-centric digital services.

“To support our digital corporate strategy, it was important for us to obtain direct customer feedback on our brand and the associated services. We are delighted to have found a partner in UID who conducted qualitative user research with a high level of commitment and professionalism. The results have helped us a lot to align our sales and marketing strategy for existing and new digital target groups.”

Claudia Korn, Corporate Strategy Badenova

The process

If you want to tailor products and services to your customers, you need to know what makes them tick. To find out, we conducted six focus groups in Berlin and Freiburg. We discussed with digital natives and digital mainstreamers how they perceive the electricity product, the electricity market and their energy service provider. We presented the results to the Badenova Management Board in a management presentation.

The team

During the project, we were able to draw on over 25 years of experience in strategy consulting. We have accompanied many companies of different sizes and industries on their way to greater customer centricity. We are therefore familiar with the organizational challenges involved.

Strengthening brand loyalty

The hard but unsurprising truth from our user research: electricity is a low-interest product. The topic is seen as “boring” and “unsexy”. This makes it all the more important to build an emotional bond with the brand. How can this be achieved in the case of Badenova? We derived the first interesting starting points from our user research results.

On the path of digitization

Customer centricity cannot be mastered without digital transformation. At the same time, customer centricity is the basis for the digital transformation process. We used an app prototype to demonstrate how Badenova can offer its customers added value with an additional digital ecosystem. We conceived and designed a digital consumer service tool. Customers can use the self-service to access information about their customer account and carry out routine tasks themselves. Just one example of how Badenova can inspire customers for the brand and strengthen customer loyalty.

Building Awarness

To create the highest possible awareness, we used an immersive workshop format for the management presentation. At interactive stations with audiovisual materials, we made it possible for managers to experience the customers’ views directly and unfiltered.





Shall we start together?

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