Frontend Development

Our front-end specialists are at home in UI development. Whether mobile, machine controls or classic desktop applications – we turn modern and intuitive UI designs into reality.

Frontend development services

We offer you support with all the challenges of UI and software development:

  • UI development
  • Custom UI Controls
  • Templates & UI modules
  • UI prototyping
  • Automated UI Testing
  • Consulting UI implementation
  • Application development (cloud architecture, app & web development)
  • Medical software development according to IEC 62304

UI development from A to Z

Welcome to Team Code! We are a highly specialized team focused on bringing all aspects of UI design to life with perfect software. The implementation of modern operating concepts and visually outstanding user interfaces is our core business. We implement your entire UI using the latest software technologies and frameworks. And the best thing is: with our software experts from BAYOOTEC and BAYOOMED, we are also there for you as an integrated IT service provider for the individual programming of your software in addition to front-end development.

Custom UI controls in HTML5 and .NET

Our USP: We specialize in the creation of custom UI controls. We develop these both in the HTML5 framework independently on the basis of web components and in .NET with WPF. We also create UI libraries/frameworks, for example with Storybook. Our experts take on the styling but also the complete redesign of UI frameworks and extend existing frameworks with new or customized controls. In our projects, we work with frameworks such as Google Materials and Primefaces (PrimeNG/PrimeReact) or with the framework of your choice.

We convert style guides into code

We convert your style guide into code. We layout your UI and supply all the necessary templates and UI modules for the front end of your app, application or website. We work closely with the developers of the application logic and the backend and integrate ourselves into your development and design team as front-end engineers.

UI prototyping for every development phase

Make your application tangible at an early stage of development. Present the functionality of your product as a trade fair showcase, for example, and test the initial response from your users. We develop interactive, product-oriented prototypes. You can use these to test interactions and input options at an early stage of development with little effort. We analyze the technical feasibility by implementing the aspects to be tested in a prototype. Together with you, we determine which technology and which hardware (e.g. Arduino) is suitable for implementing the prototype based on the specific requirements.

Automated UI Testing

As part of our development practice, we run automated tests for our UI implementations, including unit tests and UI/integration tests. With the help of UI testing – or GUI testing – you can automatically test your UI by running programmed scenarios. You simulate the user clicking and navigating through the application and can thus test complete workflows and functionalities. Automated UI tests, for example, ensure that the elements of an application behave in the same way visually, and workflows are checked according to the same criteria. In our projects, we develop suitable test scenarios for you, provide the test environment and prepare test reports.

Advantages of Automated UI Testing

  • Uniform appearance and behavior of all elements according to the style guide
  • Regular review of workflows with the same criteria
  • Avoidance of unrecognized side effects of new implementations in the existing application
  • Reusability of tests created once
  • Especially for complex apps, such as those found in industrial applications, UI tests offer a good opportunity for comprehensive troubleshooting
  • Broad compatibility through tests on various end devices, browsers and operating systems for web applications
  • Fast and cost-effective stabilization of existing or new apps and early detection of errors

Advice on UI implementation

We are happy to advise you in all phases of the software engineering process – whether in the selection of technology or the implementation strategy. Our architects will be happy to discuss this with you in order to ensure smooth interaction between the frontend and backend and to use the right tools and libraries.

Full service for your application development

Design customized software solutions with us. We have user researchers, interaction concept developers, UX designers and software engineers working hand in hand every day. This enables optimum interaction between concept, design and development. As a member of the BAYOONET Group, we provide the software know-how required for your application and accompany you through the entire software lifecycle. We not only take on the implementation of your UI, but also the complete application development. Whether it’s medical software or e-commerce and CMS solutions, AI projects or cloud development – we combine all the expertise you need to implement your software solution under one roof.

Smart software solutions with BAYOOTEC

With BAYOOTEC, we program tailor-made software that fits your company and meets the individual requirements and needs of your users. This includes the development of innovative platforms, cloud-based portals and web applications as well as e-commerce solutions. Digital Experience Platforms (DXP and CMS) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are just as much a part of our portfolio as mobile, hybrid and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Services at a glance:

  • .NET development
  • Cloud development
  • App development
  • E-Commerce
  • Automation
  • Web development
  • CMS / DXP / Websites

Medical software development according to IEC 62304

Our sister company BAYOOMED is certified according to ISO 13485 and has been successfully implementing software projects according to IEC 62304 in the regulated medical and pharmaceutical environment for more than 10 years. As the largest group of companies in Europe, we offer all services relating to the development of medical software, medical apps (embedded, desktop, web or cloud-based), software as a medical device or digital health applications (DiGA) under the YOOme label.

UI development with UID – efficient & agile

We attach great importance to quality and focus on accessibility, responsive design and clean code. Agile methods such as Scrum are firmly anchored in our way of working in order to remain effective and flexible.

We work with you to develop interfaces for connecting the UI to the business logic or backend services. We rely on the current best practices in the respective technologies such as Angular/React in HTML5, WPF/XAML in NET. Using the MVVM pattern and a declarative description of the UI, among other things, we decouple it from the application logic. Through modular programming, we not only keep your application expandable, clear and maintainable, your solution can also be used for other projects and is always state of the art thanks to our proven best practices.


Using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, we develop web applications for various target platforms such as smartphones, tablets or industrial and desktop PCs. The platform independence is a clear advantage of HTML5. An HTML5 application runs on any device and any operating system without the need for customization.


With our many years of expertise in Microsoft .NET, we create a wide range of secure and robust applications. With the .NET Framework, you can integrate your application seamlessly into the existing Microsoft infrastructure – whether classic WPF desktop applications, responsive Universal Windows Apps, Windows Server or Microsoft Azure. Different target platforms can also be realized with one and the same code base thanks to Xamarin or under Windows 10 with the Universal Windows platform. C# and XAML are our specialties: we also implement highly complex visualizations with .NET precisely and specifically adapted to your needs. The MVVM pattern ensures a clear separation of logic and design.

The most common UI technologies

Depending on the requirements and objectives of your project, different technologies may be suitable.

Our tip: Instead of focusing on the individual UI technologies and use cases, you should look at the framework conditions in the project and company and consider your development skills in the team and other factors such as scalability, performance and compatibility.

  • HTML5: The basic web technologies HTML5/CSS enable the creation of static websites and are the basis for most UI implementations. An HTML5 application can be executed directly via any HTML5 browser. HTML5 applications are also visually easily adaptable and highly customizable as well as theme-capable. Multimedia, 3D content and animations can also be integrated.
  • JavaScript: As a language for the interactive design of websites, JavaScript offers a wide range of options for developing appealing user interfaces. Frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue.js expand the possibilities of JavaScript.
  • React: A popular JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. React enables the creation of reusable UI components and efficient updating of the user interface.
  • Angular: A comprehensive JavaScript framework for the development of web applications. Angular offers a wide range of features, including powerful data binding and an extensive ecosystem.
  • Flutter: A cross-platform UI technology developed by Google. Flutter uses the Dart programming language and enables the development of native user interfaces for mobile apps, web and desktop.

Barrier-free development

If your software is used in specific contexts, such as in an industrial or medical environment, development is not about implementing the WCAG guidelines 1:1. In such specialist contexts, the focus is not on ensuring that everyone can use the application with their individual limitations. Rather, the aim is to provide efficient access for the specialist personnel who operate this software.

Context-sensitive accessibility is particularly important in industrial environments, complex B2B applications or medical software, as these applications are often used in complex and demanding environments. To develop accessible, positive UX experiences, the requirements of users and the context of use must be specifically taken into account.

Context-sensitive accessibility

There are special requirements in industrial scenarios: Touch terminals without a keyboard and audio input are often used. Operation must also be possible in poor lighting conditions (color contrasts) and with thick gloves (larger touch surfaces). It is often loud in production halls, so you cannot work with audio signals for error warnings in this context. In this case, either an alarm must be clearly recognizable in the UI or additional visual aids are required.

For complex applications in the medical context, the main aim is to provide users with quick access. This is where the use of custom UI controls and special UIs helps to present complex information simply. Drill-down functions make it possible to convert large amounts of data into easily and quickly comprehensible representations.

Our software and UX experts will advise you on all questions relating to the topic of “context-sensitive accessibility”. We support you in implementing accessibility for your software and optimizing your products for your target group. Our experience from numerous projects on machines, in industry or with CRM software provides a good starting point.

Looking for support for your frontend project?

Do you need advice on UI implementation? Do you lack a structured software architecture? Would you like to optimize an existing software solution? We bring our holistic expertise in user experience design to your software solution. Arrange a personal initial consultation. We will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to frontend development!

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