User Research

Benefit from user research for your market-oriented product development – so that your product is later well received by the target group and becomes successful on the market.

User research services

In our user research projects, we identify requirements and needs, test usability and attractiveness and make specific design recommendations – in Germany and worldwide. Our services:

  • Market analysis with guerrilla interviews, focus groups, market opportunity scoring, analysis of user feedback from forums, etc.
  • Requirements elicitation with context of use analysis, on-site visits, etc.
  • UX evaluation with user testing
  • Usability validation for medical devices according to IEC 62366
  • Project management & implementation for international UX studies
  • Consulting method selection

User centricity through user research

User research refers to methods used to understand the behavior, needs and experiences of users when interacting with products or services. Various techniques such as interviews, surveys and observations are used to gain valuable insights into the user perspective in all phases of product development. User research helps with requirements elicitation and the UX evaluation of products or product concepts – both are important areas of application for user research in the user-centered design process. It’s best to use user research as an integral part of your iterative design process, as this creates real user centricity.

Understanding your target groups with user research

Do you need inspiration for new developments, are you in the middle of the development process and need an assessment of interim results? You want to know more about the acceptance of your established product and need a benchmark? We conduct user research in all project phases and support your user-oriented product development with quantitative and qualitative studies of all kinds.

Market analysis makes success plannable

Improve the chances of success of your product or service! Our research projects provide inspiration for innovative solutions. We analyze the current market, observe and interview people from your target group to find out what your product must be able to do and what it should look like. We also receive important input for new product and service ideas. User research is essential to ensure that your solution meets the wishes of the target group and establishes itself on the market. This way you can plan your success.

Ready for the future with Futures Thinking

Those who strategically align their company optimally for the future at an early stage will be able to be a market leader in this future. The rapid pace at which the economy and society are currently developing places high demands: Companies need to understand and anticipate change so that they can make the right offer at the right time. To analyze your future market, we use the approach of futures thinking – a systematic, moderated process for identifying possible futures. Futures Thinking aims to set the right course for the future today through holistic and systematic forecasts.

Requirements analysis

Immerse yourself in the everyday life of your target group and get to know the expectations and requirements of your users: You can use methods such as focus groups or context of use analysis to determine the needs and expectations of your user groups for your product. How exactly does this work? In the context of use analysis (on-site visits), for example, we accompany a meaningful sample of your users on site through observation and interviews. From the results, we derive a prioritized list of requirements for your product from a UX perspective.


Strategy development with user research

UX evaluation through user testing

Will your target group be as enthusiastic about your solution as you are? We use usability testing to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your product or concept. We test products from a UX perspective and with users in all phases of development – from concept ideas and prototypes to existing products and services. Involving your target groups at an early stage reduces the risk of not meeting the needs of your users. This secures investments and guarantees a high level of acceptance.

From research to product implementation

In addition to the findings, our reports contain concrete suggestions on how you can design or optimize your product. This makes them an important link between user research and UX design. As an experienced user research agency, we know from our daily work in interdisciplinary teams what information is needed in the further course of the project. In addition, our UX and design expertise will help you to implement the findings from your user research studies in the design process.

THE address for international UX studies

Make your products successful worldwide! We adapt your design solution to the needs of your users – across cultural and linguistic boundaries. With our partner network of international UX partners, we offer you UX research services in more than 45 countries. We take care of the entire coordination: from recruitment to the transnational results report, you receive all services from a single source. And with high and globally consistent quality.

Usability validation for medical devices

Master the approval of your medical device and minimize the potential risks of incorrect operation. We verify and validate medical technology in usability tests in accordance with IEC 62366. With our many years of experience in the medical & pharmaceutical sector and our certified quality management, we meet the strict requirements for a standard-compliant usability engineering process. As part of YOOme, we also offer you all services relating to the development of medical products from a single source. YOOme is the largest group of companies for the development of medical products in Europe.

Consulting user research methods

User research is the foundation of user-centered design. Because only those who know how and where users interact with a product can tailor it optimally to the target group. But which methods are suitable and when? Our research experts will advise you on choosing the right methods to meet your challenges.

Looking for support for user research? We will be happy to advise you!

Do you need support in optimizing the user experience for your product and brand world? Arrange a personal initial consultation. We will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to user research!

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