UX Enablement & Consulting

Whether design thinking, UX coaching or team reinforcement – we are your UX and innovation partner.

UX Enablement & Consulting Services

Develop the future of your products, services and teams with UID. We empower your company at all levels with comprehensive UX know-how:

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Team development
  • UX trainings
  • Design & Discovery Sprint
  • Design Thinking
  • Futures Thinking
  • Team reinforcement
  • Employee Experience Design

Strengthening UX Maturity with UX Enablement

The first experiences with user-centered development have been made, the colleagues are already convinced and the first in-house skills have been hired. But how can you ensure that UX has an even broader and deeper impact within the company and thus contributes to the success of products and services?

There are many ways to strengthen UX maturity in your company. Our bundled expertise under the brand
Changitors by UID provide you with the right methods for your challenge.

Coaching & Mentoring

We offer individual coaching and mentoring packages for in-house UX professionals as well as for all specialists who want to use and develop creative skills.

Our UID experts will support you in your professional and personal development – whether you are a UX lone wolf, a UX professional in a management position or a product or project manager responsible for various disciplines. Take advantage of our coaches’ many years of expertise and book your individual coaching package!

Team development

Successful products and services can only be created in an ideal environment. The ideal working environment includes good cooperation and communication between all team members.

Mutual trust within the team is particularly important here. In today’s dynamic working world, where the composition of teams changes frequently, agile team development offers the opportunity to accompany change and (re)establish trust. This leads to better work results and satisfied employees. In our workshop formats, we support you in the discovery process, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of previous teamwork and develop a vision for future collaboration.

UX Trainings

Our experienced UX consultants offer (multi-day) training courses on all areas of UX design:

  • Basics of usability and UX
  • UX awareness training
  • Application of user research methods
  • Develop and establish design systems
  • UX and software development – working together efficiently at last
  • Digital ethics – applying ethical design in practice
  • Behavioral design – successfully implementing transformation
  • The future of AI in UX design

We would be happy to create a customized training package for your team.

Design & Discovery Sprints

Successful innovation is no coincidence – it is the result of a consistently user-oriented design process that is open to experimentation, yet efficient and tailored to the project in question. Discovery sprints or design sprints provide you with a structured process for quickly developing innovative product solutions. This enables us to develop new product ideas or individual product features together within a very short space of time. We test these cost-effectively using prototypes with real users. Months of development are compressed into a few days or weeks. We use a discovery sprint lasting several weeks to develop new products. In five-day design sprints, we design and test features for an existing product.

Design Thinking

Our Design Thinking services offer a methodical, workshop-based approach to narrowing down the solution space and defining innovative solutions for complex problems. The focus here is on user centricity to ensure that the solutions developed are not only technically feasible, but also economically viable.

Our experienced user experience designers moderate the design thinking workshops and guide you through the six phases of the process. We support you in rethinking your current products and developing innovative approaches.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® offers a co-creative process for developing innovative strategies and ideas for complex issues. In our workshops, a tangible vision for your team is created in the shortest possible time. Through the unique combination of physical activity and thought processes, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® enables a deep and long-lasting understanding. The building process and subsequent storytelling encourages insightful and honest discussions, improves teamwork and leads to better communication by actively involving all team members. The method also reveals unconscious knowledge.

Whether it’s about team development, retro design, innovation processes, corporate strategy or digital transformation – with our LEGO® workshops you can develop individual solution strategies for every issue.

Futures Thinking

Futures Thinking is an innovative approach to developing forward-looking answers. A systematic, moderated process is used to identify possible futures that help to create well-founded forecasts for tomorrow’s market. The resulting vision is brought to life through prototypical implementations. This is how companies create tangible strategies for the future.

This methodical approach not only creates a clear strategy for tomorrow, but also enables companies to set the course for a profitable and desirable future. The focus is not only on economic success, but also on sustainable solutions that do justice to corporate social responsibility.

Team reinforcement

We strengthen your team – whether with UX, design, software or innovation expertise. We act as a seamless addition to the team and take on the role you need: be it as interim UX manager or project manager. Our experienced experts provide active support and help your teams achieve their goals by contributing the necessary skills and knowledge directly to your processes on site.

Employee Experience Design

Employee Experience Design (EXD) focuses on shaping and improving the experience of employees in a company. Similar to user experience design in the area of products and services, employee experience design aims to create positive, effective and satisfying experiences for all employees throughout their professional lifecycle.

Looking for support for UX enablement? We will be happy to advise you!

Do you need support in developing new innovations, expanding your UX skills or temporary support for your teams? Arrange a personal initial consultation. We are happy to advise you!

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