Experience Design

Holistic and human-centered experience design provides decisive impulses for modern product development.

Design your outstanding customer experience

Do you want to turn individual user interfaces, complete product families, digital platforms or individual services into an outstanding customer experience? The human-centered design process according to ISO 9241-210 provides the right approach for your challenges in the design and implementation of your products.

What is Experience Design (XD)?

Experience design refers to the holistic experience that users have with all points of contact with a brand, product or service. Good experience design creates an emotional connection between the target group and the brand or product and also takes ethical aspects such as accessibility into account for a sustainable future.

Designing future-proof solutions with XD

The design of human-centered solutions combines the simple operation of new technologies with efficient development processes. In addition, good experience design reduces barriers and involves all users.

How do I optimize the user experience for my target group?

If the operation of your product is not intuitive and efficient enough, this will lead to dissatisfied customers and have a negative impact on your brand. A user-centered UI/UX design improves usability and aesthetics and increases the fun factor when interacting with your products. In order to integrate the UX perspective into your product development, we will take a look together at tools for user-centered design and decide how we can use them to further develop your process.

How do I make my product easily accessible and understandable?

Interactions between users and different platforms and devices are becoming increasingly complex. At some point, grown solutions are no longer clearly structured and easy to use. Many software solutions require a clear user interface that is reduced to the essentials in order to display large amounts of data. This is precisely one of the goals of experience design: to make your products as simple and intuitive as possible and to minimize complexity – along your customer journey across all touchpoints.

How do I modernize my products?

Are the technologies you use outdated or incompatible with modern interactions using touch, voice or gestures? Is your design outdated, too static and no longer appealing to your customers? Before you renew your technology and start designing a responsive, dynamic and accessible user interface, a precise analysis of the existing UX concept and the context of use is necessary – either through an evaluation by UX experts or via UX research with your user groups. This results in your action plan for the modernization and harmonization of your services and products.

How do I design user interfaces for different display sizes?

A lack of responsiveness in your design leads to incompatibility and restrictions when using it on different devices. The development of a uniform design language and a comprehensive operating concept for different applications and devices creates a consistent product portfolio. This ensures that your applications work optimally on all display sizes and that your users can operate any of your products without any problems.

How do I check my development status for technical feasibility and operating risks?

Agile sprint methods, such as design sprints, are used to ensure smooth implementation and early identification of errors during product development. Prototypes and MVPs (minimum viable products) accompany the entire user-centered development process. To ensure the usability of the product at an early stage and avoid costly errors, it is advisable to carry out regular user tests based on prototype development stages. This enables quality and feasibility to be assured at an early stage.

Experience Design is your competitive advantage

Optimal UX

Intuitive and secure user experience

Standardized product world

Strong brand identity and customer loyalty

High product quality

Design conveys value

Consistent brand image

Recognizability, unique brand DNA

Efficient development

Reusability, modularization, standardization

Fast market launch

MVP approach with agile further development

Transform your User Experience with Experience Design

  • The first step towards modernization is provided by the results of an expert review
  • User-centered UX and UI design in accordance with ISO 9421-210 achieves an optimal operating concept and brand-typical design
  • You can create uniform operation and design across all products with the help of design systems
  • Verification of different development statuses takes place with prototyping and user research
  • Front-end development for prototypes or customized custom
  • Changitors will advise you on the continuous verification and further developmentas well as strategic integration.

Questions about experience design?

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