UX Design

Turn the user experience of your product world into a holistic experience with us – whether individual user interfaces, product families or standardized service and eco-systems.

UX design services

Our UX designers create digital products and their user interfaces that are as unique and individual as our clients’ brands. Our services include:

  • Interaction concept
  • UX for product design
  • Visual UI Design
  • Brand Design
  • Prototyping
  • UX Testing
  • Providing and establishing design systems
  • UX consulting during development

Start your UX project

At the start of a successful development project, you should ensure that all those involved have a common and uniform understanding. Our UX experts work with you to define the project objective and the boundary conditions to be taken into account, including all stakeholders. Once the product has been identified, whether it is a new or further development, the next step is to analyze the current quality of use and the resulting needs and expectations of the users of the new product.

Use UX Insights

With targeted user research methods, you analyze your target group, their tasks and the usage environment and gain valuable UX insights. Before we start with the design, we visit the users on site in our projects, for example, and derive specific requirements for your products from our observations in order to achieve the best possible user experience. Eliciting user needs at an early stage using methods such as context of use analyses or on-site visits lays the foundation for your human-centered UX design and thus the subsequent success of the product.


Harmonization of machine operation

Interaction concept

User-friendly operation and an optimal UX design are the result of a well thought-out interaction concept. It ensures that your users can reach their destination quickly and easily, even with complex content and functions. In your UX/UI project, we develop an individual interaction concept for your digital product. We reduce complexity by structuring systems clearly, building them in line with expectations and focusing on the core tasks. For a good user experience, we focus on the tasks and needs of the users, their understanding of the product and their language. We visualize our UI interaction concepts with scribbles and wireframes. They show the information architecture, navigation concept, the basic layout and basic screen elements (patterns). The elaborated UI concept does not yet contain any elaborated design details. We design the UI concepts in the right UX tool for your project.

UX for product design

The operation of a product includes the UI and the product hardware. Our UX experts evaluate and create your product design from a usability perspective to ensure the best possible user experience. With our sister company Puls Produktdesign, we have a strong partner for all questions relating to product design.


UI design for Thermomix®

Visual UI Design

Bring the quality and aesthetics of your brand to the surface with your individual UI design. With great attention to detail, our UX/UI specialists give your product an individual look that brings your corporate identity to life. From screen and icon design to animations (e.g. microinteractions, transitions, …) and sound to product design – our integrative design approach uses the right methods to ensure that your UI appeals to all the senses. An individual UI design reflects the quality of your brand and ensures recognizability on the market.

Brand Design

Strengthen your brand loyalty: For a unique user experience, we develop an individual design style for your product world and transfer your brand design to new digital applications. We find the perfect match between user experience and your brand to match your corporate identity.


A prototype is a simplified but partially functional model of a planned product or service. Prototypes allow you to test your product concepts at an early stage in a cost-effective manner and optimally align them with the requirements of your target group: The later you adapt your products or services, the more time-consuming and costly the changes will be. Prototyping can provide support in all phases of innovation and product development. The so-called “fidelity” influences the visual design, interactivity and content of the prototypes. Low-fidelity prototypes, such as simple HTML click dummies or paper scribbles, tend to be used at the start of a project. Functional high-fidelity prototypes are suitable for testing the concept and design under realistic conditions in later development phases. These prototypes can also be made reusable so that the later product can be based on them.

UX Testing

UX testing gives you early feedback from users on your UI concept or prototype. Use methods such as the usability test to ensure the acceptance of your target group. We test the usability, user-friendliness and attractiveness of your UX concepts and uncover what already works well and where improvements still need to be made. Our UX consultants work with you to optimize usability and design at an early stage and cost-effectively before you start implementation. There are also various evaluation methods for the live operation of applications, some of which can be used with tool support for the entire product life cycle.

Design systems for uniform UX design

For your uniform UX/UI world, we work out the individual elements of your user interface down to the smallest detail – from icons and animations to sounds. We document the look and feel in UI guidelines or develop a comprehensive design system for all UX elements. We use proven concepts such as Atomic Design. A design system also lays the foundation for a successful UI implementation. Our services include the creation and implementation of a design system as well as implementation management and the continuous further development of the system.

UX consulting during development

In dynamic development processes, design, UX and software must work together in a flexible, interdisciplinary and networked way to ensure quality and feasibility. People with different qualifications have been working hand in hand at UID for over 25 years. This is why we have mastered the targeted exchange between designers, UX consultants and software engineers from FF. This ensures that your project runs efficiently. We are also happy to support you with the complete implementation of your user interface.

What does a UX project cost?

The costs for a UX project depend on the complexity of the application. To create a customized offer, we discuss the requirements of the planned project in detail with your team in a free initial meeting.

  • For a quick and uncomplicated initial analysis to get the best possible UX potential out of your products, we offer entry-level packages at a fixed price: In an expert review, our UX experts analyze the existing operating concept of a product. This results in an action plan that provides prioritized recommendations for optimizing and modernizing your application.
  • If the next step for you is to structure your UX role and further develop UX design in your company, our coaching packages can help.

Looking for support with UX design? We will be happy to advise you!

Do you need support in optimizing the user experience for your product and brand world? Arrange a personal initial consultation. We are happy to advise you on all UX issues!

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