Whether brainstorming, redesigning or developing future product concepts – the key to successful product innovation lies in targeted market and target group analysis.

How do you future-proof your portfolio?

How are the market and customer needs developing? What innovations will the users of the day after tomorrow need? Together with you, we will find answers to the increasingly complex challenges of the markets and discover future potential in your products.

Ideation & Innovation

Ideation is the process by which creative ideas and concepts are generated. This process is often open and exploratory, and the aim is to find new approaches or solutions to a particular problem. Ideation can take place in brainstorming sessions, workshops or other creative activities.

Innovation development, also known as product development or the implementation phase, is the next step after ideation. In this phase, selected ideas from the ideation phase are investigated further, evaluated and implemented in concrete projects or products.

Developing innovations for the target markets of tomorrow

How do I recognize the needs of my users and my market in good time?

In highly competitive environments, it is essential to always be one step ahead of your competitors. User research helps you understand the requirements of the market and users. Selecting the right research method and deriving the decisive measures is the basis of every successful product development. We support you with user research for market-driven product development.

How do I plan the next product relaunch?

If your product has already been identified, whether it is a new development or the further development of a product version, the current quality of use and the resulting needs and expectations of the users of the new product should be analyzed before the actual development. Methods such as context of use analyses provide prioritized requirements for your product from a UX perspective. New features that are to be seamlessly integrated into an existing user interface also require a well thought-out concept that can be developed with the help of sprint formats.

How do I come up with new product ideas?

Whether ideas for a revolutionary new core product or approaches for additional digital services that provide added customer value to the actual product – with methods such as design thinking, you can significantly boost your team’s innovative strength and ensure the relevance and feasibility of your ideas. Sprint formats can help to concretize product visions and implement initial concepts as prototypes.

Which technological developments influence the use of my product?

To ensure that your products meet the requirements of the future, it is crucial to identify new technologies and integrate them into product development. This includes in particular the consideration of industry-specific trends. But new answers can also be provided to overarching megatrends and the associated changes in customer expectations: For example, by using technologies for greater energy efficiency. Research and validation of various technological approaches helps in the development of future-oriented solutions.

Which social developments influence the purchasing decisions of my target groups?

Trends such as sustainability, accessibility, inclusion and ethics are increasingly taking center stage for consumers. Digital products should be suitable for people of all ages, genders and abilities. Market and target group analyses identify the specific needs and expectations of your target group and support you in aligning your future product strategy.

How do changes in the working environment affect my product world?

What will the industrial hall of tomorrow look like? More efficient, more flexible and more intelligent – the demands on the manufacturing sector are increasing and with them the requirements for future product and service concepts in the industry. IoT, automated systems, robotics, AR and VR technologies, 3D printing, AI – recognizing which technology can be used with added value is one of the challenges for companies in the manufacturing industry.

What software solutions will be needed in the future? It is becoming increasingly important to find innovative solutions for the future world of work. This requires innovative approaches, including AI integration, data-driven analysis and a user-friendly interface. The race for the best enterprise solution is already underway in marketing and human resources. Usage and future research helps you to launch exactly the right tool for your target group.

Product innovations are your investment in the future

Market acceptance

Aligning developments with the market and target groups

Planning security

Creating transparent roadmaps and clear milestones

Technological lead

Early validation of new technology approaches for application scenarios, market requirements and economic efficiency

Securing investments

Minimize risks through validated innovation approaches

Customer centricity

A user-centric focus places the needs of the users at the center

Sustainable service and product portfolio

Long-term competitive advantage through continuous innovation

Focus on innovation: from Question Zero to Futures Thinking

  • Question Zero workshop: Ensuring a uniform and common understanding among all project participants
  • Analysis of your target group and markets using proven methods such as focus groups, marketing opportunity scoring, etc.
  • Quick entry into product optimization, for example with an Expert Review
  • Development of product concepts – completely new or individual features in design sprints, design thinking and discovery sprints
  • Developing new future concepts for your product worlds with futures thinking

Questions about idea and innovation development?

Innovation projects

From years of experience in international projects and applied research, we understand business, users and current technology trends. In Discovery Sprints, Design Thinking and Futures Thinking projects, we combine future trends with rapid prototyping for you. We develop and test new products from the idea to the market-ready MVP.

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