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Coherent concept meets advanced design

Developing the test reader's concept and design posed a real challenge to UID's experts. From doctors to lab assistants or police patrolmen: The device, which is used for analyzing lateral flow tests, is used internationally in various contexts, partly by untrained staff. Speed and absolute precision are a must. The display, which is as small as 4 inches, and the limited computer performance didn't make the job any easier. But despite all limitations, UID developed a coherent concept, which safely guides the user through the test procedure and reduces the displayed information for every step to the minimum. And the design is an absolute eye-catcher: With its bright colors, it stands out from the typical sober medical applications – a competitive advantage on the saturated market.

"QIAGEN made a point of choosing a bold design in the midst of a pragmatic medical environment. The great cooperation with QIAGEN helped create a fantastic product, which gained great customer feedback." Dominik Zenth, User Experience Consultant with UID.

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The process

UID's concept and design immediately won QIAGEN over. In order to ensure a seamless user experience, the company also commissioned UID's software engineers, who implemented the initial components (controls, screens and view models) of the touch screen using Qt and developed the interface for later integration into an embedded device.

The team

Various operating scenarios, a small display, embedded device–these challenging conditions caused considerable concern among UID's experts. How will it be possible, for example, to implement a reliable and easy-to-use touch keyboard in a small display? The great teamwork of designers, UX experts and software engineers, however, enabled us to come up with convincing solutions.

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Fast and absolutely safe

The interface guides even untrained users through every step of the operating procedure.

Advanced design

Color gradients and well-organized tiles–the new interface is also a visual highlight.

Design language

UID's design takes up the metaphor of blood cells using round shapes.

Motion design

Animations illustrate the test progress to the user.

Flexible results screen

The view that is displayed to the user changes depending on the number of test results.

White label design

QIAGEN's customers have the possibility to adapt the user interface design to their own corporate design.