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Task-oriented and customizable

During the design phase, we consistently focused on the users' requirements. The users access the system via a dashboard that they can adapt to their needs and gives them an overview of all processes, workflows and tasks. Moreover, the tasks are illustrated in visualizations, which also display their position in the workflow. A pie chart, which can be brought up via a context menu, gives the users access to the most common actions. Using drag&drop, they allocate memos to the respective tasks. A new color concept facilitates orientation and targeted work processes.

"The new abas web client displays complex processes clearly and well structured. This makes it easier for users to get work done efficiently and to good standard." Franz Koller, UID's Managing Director

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In this project, our UX consultants were able to resort to their extensive practical experience in designing enterprise software. Our team excels in visualizing complex data and in designing efficient business processes without losing sight of the users' requirements.


Together with abas we completed the entire human-centered design process: We started off by analyzing the usage context on site. Using these insights, we derived requirements and translated them into typical user stories, which were the basis for our interaction and design concept. This concept was brought to life with an interactive prototype. In the end, we tested the concept with potential users to identify areas of improvement.

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Keyboard operation

UID defined shortcuts and access keys for web operation. This makes it easier to familiarize with the web client as it can be controlled just like the desktop application.

Scalable design

The design is scalable and dynamically adapts to varying screen sizes – a clear competitive edge given the multiple screen sizes in use.

International use

We conducted expert reviews in the Asian and Arab world to ensure that the web GUI works well across linguistic and cultural contexts.

Intuitive operation

A usability test revealed how well the new concept supports the users. One participant's conclusion: "This software was made for the easy-going."