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More than just electricity

Badenova is the largest energy provider in the German region of Südbaden and has a decades-long tradition in the region. Today, the company is faced with new challenges: More and more providers enter the market. Digitization doesn’t leave the energy industry unaffected. Customers apply their experiences from other industries (everything, immediately, everywhere, cheap) to the energy sector, too.

With user-centered products, digital services and a customer-oriented corporate culture, Badenova is getting ready for the digital future. Our strategic know-how will support Badenova along the way. In a first step, our market analysis and user studies laid the qualitative and quantitative basis for the upcoming change process. They give us a deep understanding of the customers and provide a starting point for new, user-centered digital services.

"Receiving direct customer feedback on our brand and the associated services was an important pillar of support for our digital corporate strategy. We are happy to have a partner in UID who carried out qualitative user research with dedication and professionality. The results were extremely helpful in gearing our sales and marketing strategy towards existing and new digital target groups." Claudia Korn (Badenova corporate strategy)

We support Badenova with strategic consulting for the digitale transformation process.

The team

For our cooperation with Badenova, our specialists were able to draw on more than 20 years of experience in strategic consulting. We have been accompanying countless companies of all sizes and industries on their way to more customer centricity. Therefore, we are familiar with the organizational challenges that come with the process.

The process

If you want to align your products and services with the customers’ requirements, you need to know how your customers tick. In order to find out, we set up six focus groups in Berlin and Freiburg, discussing with digital natives and digital mainstreamers how they perceive the product "electricity", the electricity market and their energy service provider. We then presented the results to the Badenova management board.

We support Badenova with strategic consulting for the digitale transformation process.

Strengthening brand loyalty

The hard but little surprising truth that our user research revealed: Electricity is a low-interest product. The topic is considered "boring" and "unsexy". It is therefore all the more important to build an emotional relationship with the brand. How can this be achieved in the case of Badenova? Our user research results provided some interesting insights pointing to the right direction.

On the path of digitization

Customer centricity cannot be achieved without digital transformation and at the same time, customer centricity is the basis for the digital transformation process. In a prototype for an app we demonstrated how Badenova will be able to offer added value to its customers using digital ecosystems. We drafted and designed a digital consumer service tool. A self-service feature allows customers to access information on their customer accounts and carry out standard procedures themselves. This is just one example of how Badenova can make the brand attractive for the users and strengthen customer loyalty.

Building awareness

In order to build maximum awareness among the members of the board, we used an immersive workshop format. Interactive stations with audio-visual materials made the customers‘ perspectives palpable for the managers – directly and without filters.