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Trends for successful diabetes solutions

Today, more than 463 million people around the world are affected by diabetes, and the numbers are predicted to nearly double by the year 2045. For medical engineering companies, this rapid growth also entails business opportunities since more and more people depend on technology-based therapies. At the same time, the users' expectations are growing: Due to increasing digitalization and their experiences with consumer products, users expect a clear added value for their lives when they opt for a new therapy, hoping for a life without noticeable restrictions thanks to intuitive, smart and connected diabetes products and services. How can healthcare manufacturers overcome these challenges? Our trend report provides answers.

Find out in our trend report how you can ...

  • ensure acceptance of your products and services with user-centered solutions and meet the needs of users.
  • cope with the increasing complexity of the digital transformation in the health sector.
  • make use of the benefits offered by digitalization in order to make the lives of diabetics easier and differentiate yourselve from increasing competition.
  • make diabetes therapy smarter, more connected and more automated.
  • build digital service worlds around your products.

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