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Taking advantage of the web world

Self-explanatory, aesthetic and cross-device inspiring – these are standards which an HMI today will be measured against. With web technologies, you create the technological basis to meet these challenges. Because web technologies have a particular strength: they enable immediate responsiveness and platform independence. Our whitepaper shows you, how to migrate an an established application to HTML5. We provide you with four building blocks which you can use to work out a strategy to reuse as many components as possible and therefore migrate your application as quickly and efficiently.

In our whitepaper you will learn:

  • How you lay out a clear objective as the basis for a successful migration
  • How you determine the requirements for the migration of design and layout, UI controls and user experience as well as application code
  • How you make use of best practices to migrate software from one technology to another
  • How you make your team fit for the new technology

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