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What users want

Find out what makes the users of your products tick. Get valuable user insights that help you design successful products. We analyze your users, their tasks and their usage environment. To this end, we visit your users wherever they are to find out how they use your product and what they expect from it. Using these insights, we work out specific requirements for your system.

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Painting a clear picture

Use a clearly structured concept to lay the basis for user-friendly operation. Make sure that your users reach their goals quickly and with ease even when contents and functionalities are complex. We will work together with you to develop an individual, intelligent interaction concept for your user interface by reducing complexity and focusing on what is important. In order to ensure a high level of usability, we employ the users' tasks, their understanding of the product and their phraseology as guidelines. We visualize our concepts using "scribbles" and wireframes. They illustrate the most important interaction workflows, the navigational structure and the fundamental layout of the screens as well as basic screen elements without showing design details.

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Showcasing your UI

Showcase the quality and aesthetic appeal of your brand. With a great love of detail, we give your product an individual design that allows users an emotional approach to your brand. From screen and icon design to animations and sounds all the way to product design - our integrative design approach ensures that visual, acoustic and haptic experiences are perfectly attuned.

Root-and-branch review

Get early user feedback on your concept or prototype to guarantee a high level of acceptance among your target group. We run user tests to find out how user-friendly and appealing your drafts are. This helps us to reveal what works well and where there is room for improvement. That way, we can join forces to optimize usability and design at an early stage before implementation starts.

Finishing touches

Ensure a consistent look & feel for your entire product portfolio. Lay the foundation for fast and successful implementation. We design all elements of your user interface right down to the smallest detail and document the look & feel in UI guidelines. They simplify the implementation process for software developers and are used as an essential work of reference and set of rules for integrating new functions. Of course, we can also carry out the entire implementation process of your user interface.