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Understanding the user

Improve your product's or service's chances of success by following a market- and user-centered product development strategy. Our consumer insights provide inspiration for solutions off the beaten track. We analyze the market and observe and interview members of your target group, giving you valuable information on what your product should be able to do and what it should look like. This approach also gives us input for new product and service ideas. Consumer insights are essential to ensure that your solution meets the requirements of the target group and gains acceptance in the market.

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Reality check for the product

Put your product to the test: Will your target group be as enthusiastic about your solution as you are? We test products from the experts' and the users' points of view throughout all the development stages - from the ideation through to concepts and prototypes all the way to the actual product. By including users into the development process we make sure that we don't lose sight of their requirements. This gives you investment protection and ensures a high level of acceptance within your target group.

Usability put to the test

Look your customers over their shoulders: In a usability test, representative users run through typical tasks using your product or prototype. This helps us to identify strengths and weaknesses and to work out suitable solutions. Our experienced experts accompany your usability test from the study design to recruiting participants all the way to carrying out the tests and evaluating the results.

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Safety first for medical devices

Get approval for your medical product and minimize possible risks caused by operating errors. We verify and validate medical devices in usability tests as per IEC DIN 62366. Thanks to our years of experience in medical engineering and our certified quality management strategy, we fulfill the strict criteria for standard-compliant usability engineering processes.

The premium address for user research

Use our labs and our expertise when testing your product. Our usability lab in Munich offers spacious facilities for all kinds of user studies. The rooms can be adapted to suit your test scenario by turning them into a kitchen, lounge, office or lab. This guarantees authentic user tests under realistic conditions.

New York, Rio, Tokyo

Make your product a worldwide success. We adapt your design solution to the needs of your users – regardless of cultural and linguistic barriers. Together with the International UX Partners, we offer user experience services in more than 45 countries. This guarantees a consistently high quality level, combined with the advantages of dealing with a single contact person.