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Mastering the crisis & seizing opportunities – remotely

Lay the foundation to execute your UX projects in a targeted manner even in times of remote work and mobile office. In view of the increasing competitive pressure, positive user experience has never been more important for your market success.

By performing UX processes and methods remotely you will be able to keep to your schedules and deadlines. Thanks to innovative collaboration tools, your teams will familiarize quickly with a new, virtual kind of creativity and cooperation. This way, you can offer your employees a modern, digital environment.

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Collaborative and creative cooperation with remote workshops

Even in remote environments, creativity and collaboration have no limits – if you use the right tools and the right formats. Our experience allows us to transfer almost every workshop format and every UX method into the virtual space – be it for developing product ideas, defining goals and strategies or discussing concepts and designs. In this process, remote workshops have many advantages: With data being gathered digitally, it is faster and easier to follow up on. Moreover, remote meetings tend to be shorter and more efficient.

Depending on goal and format, we use different collaboration tools to work together in creative ways. With virtual spaces for group tasks or workshop materials like digital sticky notes, they facilitate a realistic workshop setting. So as to foster team spirit despite the distances, we employ creative methods paired with a clear netiquette. Our success in this respect becomes evident, for example, through the feedback of our customer TRUMPF: "We almost forgot that we were not sitting together in one room."

We transfer every workshop format into the virtual space.
With Remote Usability Test we evaluate usability and design of products.

Remote UX tests

User feedback provides valuable input for optimizing products. Good preparation, the right tools and a professional moderator make it possible to gain responses even in times of social distancing. Remote context interviews with users, for example, help us to analyze the requirements for your product. Usability tests let us evaluate the usability and design of a product, prototype or idea. The participants can take part in the study from anywhere and access the product, work on tasks and answer the moderator’s questions.

Remote – our daily business!

Our team members are used to working remotely. For us, working from home became standard practice a long time ago. Thanks to our work on different client projects we know and master numerous collaboration tools. When it comes to data protection, data security or the technical environment, we know what tool meets your requirements best. With years of experience, we know how to modify UX methods and workshop formats, such as design sprints, user journey mapping or context analyses, so that they work in the virtual space, too.

Remote work is our daily business!

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The tools may be new, the procedures may have been adapted to remote environments – but the quality of our work and our results remain unchanged.

Would you like to drive your UX project remotely? We would be happy to support you and share our best practices with you and your team.