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we create immersive user experiences thanks to augmented, virtual and mixed reality.

Creating realities

Together with you we create immersive user experiences, combining the physical environment with visual, auditive or haptic information (augmented reality). We develop virtual worlds into which the users can literally immerse (virtual reality) with a seamless transition from reality to augmented reality all the way to virtual reality (mixed reality). Talk to us to find out which of these technologies is suited best to meet your requirements. We will then plan, design and develop your product using all our passion and expertise.

Natural interaction

Augmented, mixed and virtual reality enable natural interaction with which the use of your product approximates human actions in the analog world. Immersive user interfaces are therefore more easily accessible. Moreover, they smoothly blend with the users' actions, e.g. via gesture and voice control. Present yourself as a technophile and innovative company. Our immersive approach allows you to reach your target group on a new level. No matter whether you intend to realistically visualize complex processes in an industrial environment or whether you want to provoke positive emotions for you brand among consumers.

Immersive UX enables authentic interaction.
On various devices, we implement Immersive UX Apps.

Versatile & visionary

From classic 3D desktop applications all the way to immersive web/mobile apps or AR/VR/MR experiences for smart glasses – we design and develop tailor-made solutions for the platform of your choice and advise you about your best options. On various devices, we implement interactive 3D visualizations, machine controls, simulations, 360° experiences, consumer and marketing apps or immersive trade fair booths. In doing so, we always keep in touch with the latest technological developments, integrating future-proof interaction trends such as virtual agents, chatbots or gamification elements.

Alternative perspectives

Your immersive product should wow your users with a holistic user experience. Therefore, we take on a holistic perspective in its development. Our interdisciplinary team includes specialists for user research, concepts, 2D/3D design and AR/VR development. This is why we are able to view your products from all these different angles. In addition to our inquiring minds and our passion for new and innovative technologies we can tap on our experience from award-winning immersive projects such as HoloMed.

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Our immersive UX team