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YOOme develops your medical devices

YOOme is the largest corporate network for the development of your medical devices in Europe. Together with BAYOOCARE, BAYOOMED, Mechatronic and Puls, we offer idea generation, conception and requirements engineering, medical hardware and software development, cybersecurity, validation and verification, design, usability & UX, market launch and maintenance. Due to our entrepreneurial ties, we are a well-coordinated team and pursue a common goal: to develop your medical product in a holistic and secure manner.

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Your UI for users

We combine human-centered design as per ISO 9241 with medical safety design as per ISO 62366, always taking the respective usability engineering standards into account, as well as the users and their requirements – right from the first ideation cycle. That way, we ensure from the start of the project that we do not lose the user out of sight.

UX pays off

Our user-centered products and services raise the bar for successful health care goods: Not only do they help you stand out from your competitors, you also improve the customer relationship while strengthening your brand. Developing user-centered products increases your long-term economic success.

Our services for your success

We advise and accompany you during the development of digital health services and medical devices of all classes (I, IIa, IIb, III). From the initial idea to the target group analysis, UX concept, prototyping and design all the way to the summative evaluation – wherever you are in the product development, we support you with the suitable UX services. We document the measures taken in the Usability Engineering File as per the relevant standards, laying the basis for a successful approval process. In addition, as a partner company of YOOme, we offer you all services of the entire Medical Device Journey.

Successful approval

Launching a medical device makes it necessary to bear numerous legal requirements and standards such as DIN EN 60601-1-6 and DIN EN 62366 in mind. We help you master the time-consuming and complicated approval process. Be it FDA, CE or a notified body – we know the regulatory requirements for the certification and take on the role of a product owner, compile the requirements of all the parties involved and distribute them. All measures are documented in a usability engineering file as per the respective standards. For a fast, cost-efficient and successful approval process. As part of the YOOme alliance, we are your partner for marketing in more than 50 countries, MDSAP and ISO 13485 certified, supporting you in post-market surveillance and vigilance.

We accompany you on the way to the successful approval of your medical device.

Special target groups

Find the perfect market position for your medical device or your digital health service. This is all the more important whenever your target group is very heterogeneous or hard to reach. We develop a tailor-made user research strategy for you – from recruiting to the choice of methods all the way to specific recommendations. With our user studies we can help you better understand and efficiently reach your target groups. This ensures that your product and service fully meet expectations and will be able to compete in the market in the long run.

Brand-specific design

Make your brand unique – with a strong brand essence and a clear recognition value! With strategic consulting and a design that defines your brand’s identity, we make the character and quality of your brand visible in all media and make it come alive. We raise your brand’s profile, translating it into a memorable visual language that we consistently implement in the product and interface design. This makes your brand design the figurehead of your company.

Rapid Prototyping

Well begun is half done – we give your medical device a reality check. Will your product idea go down well with your target group? Does it meet the users‘ requirements? Are there better alternatives? Using prototypes, we test your product idea with potential users. Thanks to this early user feedback, you can address problems faster and easier, or go completely new ways. This ensures that you only invest in product ideas your target group really needs and will use.

We give your medical device or your digital health service a reality check.

Data meets Design

Turn your data into valuable insights! The challenge of big data is not limited to gathering large amounts of data, it lies in the appropriate analysis of the data gathered. Our strategic AI consultation sheds light in the jungle of data. We help you filter relevant information from large data volumes, interpret it correctly and uncover its potential. Our goal: Creating true added value for your business and your clients.

Networking for start-ups

You have an innovative idea for a medical device or a healthcare service? Being a young start-up, you haven’t got the necessary partners to get your idea started? From sales to development or financing – we link you up with strategic partners from our UID network, helping you to successfully establish yourself and your innovation in the health market.

Concepts for professionals & patients

Whenever medical devices are used by patients and medical professionals alike, user-centered product development is indispensable to consolidate the requirements of both target groups in one concept. We create a UI concept that optimally fits the manifold usage scenarios and users. For safe, efficient and aesthetic operation.

Our digital health concept is tailored to professionals and patients.