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Your masterplan for more UX

Strengthen your market position with a UX strategy that suits your company, your products and your services. Our user-centered solutions will give your brand and your market position a boost. As a first step, we analyze your company's processes, requirements and particular characteristics and compare them to the market situation and our experiences. Together with you, we then develop your UX vision and your UX goals. We plan the implementation in your company and help to establish UX within your team. One of your benefits: Our user experience consultants know how companies of various structures, sizes and industries work and what makes UX departments successful. We use this expertise to give your team inspiring impulses for user-centered products and services.

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Your innovation guide

Open up new business segments and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Look ahead and develop future-proof product and service visions. We offer structured processes to generate new product and service ideas. Based on your company's core competencies, your users' requirements and the latest technological trends, we evolve innovations. Our design thinking and service design experts look forward to working on exciting projects with you.

Give your product a kick-start

Make your new product's or service's market introduction a success. Develop a user-centered strategy for your product launch with us. From staff to seniors and students - we offer guidance on how to establish new solutions among the users. Together with you, we plan appropriate change management measures in order to make the transition as smooth as possible and to convince the users of the benefits.

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Your UX coach

Lay the foundation for a well-grounded corporate UX and improve the know-how within your team. Our coaching sessions are especially effective in the context of a specific project that we work on together. We guide your team members through their individual tasks, including choosing appropriate methods and tools or completing UX activities. This enables you to build long-lasting expertise and to establish sustainable structures and methods.

Learning from the best

Quickly bring your entire team up-to-date on user experience and design thinking. In compact, hands-on trainings we sensitize your team to user-centered product development challenges and give them an overview of usability, design and software. Very often, it is helpful for a training session to complement a project that we work on together. The appropriate topics will be matched to your individual requirements, e. g. usability basics, user research, information architecture, responsive design, Axure, Scrum, clean code development, ...