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Is your existing system convincing in terms of its functionality, but difficult to operate? Visually okay, but not an eye-catcher? Technically sound, but difficult to maintain or expand? Do you lack the right architecture or know-how to integrate new technologies? Whether concept, design, frontend or backend – we can help you modernize your system and design it to be state of the art. In doing so, we analyze how we can build on and improve what already exists to lay the foundation for a sustainable, future-proof system.

A few of our software engineering services are presented below.

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Test faster with automated UI testing

Find front-end bugs faster and cheaper with automated UI testing. Reduce risks and costs by fixing defects much sooner. Automated UI testing is essential to a comprehensive testing strategy to ensure the quality of your application. This is because they simulate the behavior of the app users. We use these to test whether your application, including user interface, works properly. This includes visual details such as images, fonts or colors as well as aspects of functional behavior such as controls, navigation and error messages. Compared to manual testing, automated UI testing has many advantages: Once set up, they are significantly faster than manual ones. They can be carried out inexpensively and repeatedly. They are also much less prone to error. We identify the aspects of your apps that are candidates for automated UI testing. With customized test plans, we effectively use the available resources and generate maximum added value. Based on this, we create the test scenarios, test cases and test scripts. We document the results in clear test reports. They provide the basis for further bug fixing – either by us or by their respective software service provider.

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Full-stack development

We have the know-how to develop your project under one roof. Concept, design and frontend and backend development go hand in hand for us. In software development, we offer a full-stack service from the selection of the appropriate front-end framework to business data and business process modeling to database hosting. Since the overall concept and all the competent parties originate from a single source, this ensures smooth interaction between all disciplines and a more efficient result. At the same time, you will see a reduction in the effort required to coordinate with several service providers.

Many years of expertise

We have been developing software for hundreds of customers from different industries for over two decades. There is no platform for which we have yet to develop the front end. No challenges for which we haven’t found a solution. Therefore, we know the specific challenges and processes in the software development departments of customers. This experience allows us to reliably adapt to your way of working and to fit seamlessly into your processes.

Partners at eye level

We do not see ourselves as subcontractors, but as partners at eye level. We develop projects with you and not just work through them. Furthermore, we accompany you during the complete development cycle of your product – from the choice of the right technology to the technical specification. For this, we always keep ourselves up-to-date and have our know-how certified: For example, we are Microsoft Silver Partner for UWP Apps and certified, among others, in Scrum (PSM, PSPO), software testing (ISTQB) and architecture design (iSAQB).

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