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Sustainability touchpoints

Sustainability comprises far more than just the aspect of ecology. We help you to identify your sustainability touchpoints. Be it developing ideas for new products and services or enhancing the sustainability of existing ones – we integrate ethical, social, economic and ecological perspectives.

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In touch with clients and the future

Sustainability has long become more than a niche. Consumers increasingly expect products and services to address the topic of sustainability, demanding sustainable products. For companies, this has multiple benefits: In an ever-changing environment, they become more efficient, future-proof and innovative. Let's anticipate the increasing requirements from the side of consumers and politics and use sustainable products as a competitive advantage.

Sustainably developing

Our 6Rs transfer the principles of sustainability to the digital world. Tailored exactly to the requirements of your product, we identify and implement the core principles and methods together with you. In this process, we question existing solutions, developing new, sustainable approaches (RETHINK). We analyze user requirements, technical possibilities as well as ethical and social questions (RESEARCH). On this basis, we help you make bold, future-proof decisions (REFLECT). By including the users and optimizing design and software, we make your product more efficient (REDUCE). We develop a modular design for your product employing reusable elements and making them available in living style guides (REPAIR & REUSE).

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Ethics & UX

New technologies can contribute to solving key challenges of humankind. We help you take ethical and social aspects into account at an early project stage and shape the digitalization responsibly (Corporate Digital Responsibility), ensuring the acceptance of your products and avoiding possible negative effects on individuals and the society. Together with you, we systematically analyze whether your products infringe on ethical principles: Can everyone participate equally? Is the product safe to use? Does it protect the users' privacy? We compare possible infringements with your product's benefits.

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