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Change yes – but how?

In the course of the digital transformation, many companies’ business models reach their growth limits. They are under attack from new, digital companies that take them by surprise with novel products and services since they have not yet grasped the opportunities the digital world offers – unlike start-ups like UBER or AirBnB . With structures that are too rigid and inflexible, they can’t react to dynamic markets quickly enough. Team members are stuck in their functional silos instead of focusing on clients cross-divisionally. Does that sound familiar? You know that your company has to adapt. But how? We are by your side on your way to a digital company and help you build the structures needed to master the changes.

Customer as a starting point

How can you better assert yourself in the digital economy? By understanding what your customers want and meeting their needs at a record pace. This is why we want to help you set up your organization and your business model to fulfil the requirements of digital customers. For you can only create outstanding customer experiences and gain a decisive advantage over other competitorsedge if you include users in all stages of the development process.

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Visions and stock-taking

Workshops and analyses help us find out where you are. From a technological, organizational and procedual point of view, with regard to your brand and the business environment. Our next step is to develop a digital vision with you: What are your goals? Which strategies allow you to exploit your strenghts ven in digital markets? Where do you see potentials for digital products and services? What does it take to reach these goals?

Digital blueprint

Often, many of the building blocks required for a digital transformation already exist in companies: team members with certain skills, knowledge and mindsets as well as agile development processes and methods for creativity. We find out what building blocks your company might lack and how to combine and complement existing blocks, creating a digital blueprint with prioritized short-, medium- and long-term measures. And we do not use templates. That's because every company is unique – just like its agile and digital transformation process.

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Agile base

In order to reach these goals, we establish agile processes, approaches and tools. If neccessary, we can coach your team, be it with regard to specialist know-how like user experience and user research or agile processes like Scrum. We empower your employees to organize themselves in multi-disciplinary teams. This is how we bring more flexibility and speed to your organization, helping you to quickly react to changes in the market and to expedite your product development.

Master builders

Mastering the digital transformation requires a deep understanding of customer requirements – this has been our core business for more than 20 years. We combine our expertise in client-centered processes with strategic thinking and a vast pool of knowledge about methods and technologies. In the past 20 years, we have successfully completed 4,000 projects. Therefore, we know the organizational challenges companies of all sizes and industries are facing.

With agile UX into the digital future