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Is UX deeply rooted in your company?

You lay the foundation for your market success long before you think about a new product or the next release. Because the deeper user-friendliness and agility are rooted in every sphere of a business, the more successful companies are in mastering the digital transformation. Whenever all your company’s protagonists live out the user experience philosophy, a powerful and well-established digital strategy can be developed. Our consultants support you in creating an environment in which an agile, user-centered approach not only permeates product design but all sectors of your company.

Focus on goals

We analyze your company and the existing development process to find out how to improve the focus on the user’s perspective, defining customized activities with you and accompanying you throughout the transformation process.

At the start, we put extra emphasis on the question of what goals user experience should foster in your company in the future:

  • Improving the quality of existing products and services?
  • Unleashing creativity and creating promising innovation?
  • Strengthening the relationship with customers and users across all points of contact?
  • Communicating strengths in order to differentiate from the competition?
  • Creating brand presence with consistent product design and customer communication?

We also focus on the UX maturity that you strive to achieve in the individual dimensions. Since the integration of user experience into the individual dimensions can vary considerably, depending on the current market situation and the targeted market position. This individual definition lays the foundation for your goal and the path of change.

We definiere, what goals user experience should foster in your company in the future.

Customized Roadmap

With this analysis, you have taken the first step: defining the goals that should be supported by user experience. The next step is to discuss and implement a specific roadmap.

This could be as follows:

  • Establishing the user-centered approach firmly in the product development process.
  • Getting your team into shape for developing innovation using mentoring and method support.
  • Taking care of the entire process management from the start of the product development to supporting the market launch.
  • Familiarizing your team with agile and user-centered approaches in short workshops.
  • Expanding your team’s methodical expertise with new, playful approaches such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® or design thinking.
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Measurable success

We can use UX KPIs (key performance indicators) to gauge how UX investments pay off in your company. We start by defining what functions should be supported by UX in your company. Then we discuss and define customized KPIs from the fields quality, innovation, customer relationship or perception to create a functionable system that makes the value of UX for your company transparent and controllable.

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