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Service Design – designing top-grade products and services

Do you sell cutting-edge products? With a user interface that offers outstanding user experience? Great! And what about the relating services? Vying for the users' favor, companies provide increasingly sophisticated offerings that complement the product. Let our service designers help you to ensure that your offerings leave a lasting impression.

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Services are not rigid. They can be enhanced, upgraded or re-invented from scratch. The success of many of today's products depends on relating services. This is where service designers come into play: They develop and analyze services and look for options to improve, implement and test them.

Developing user-oriented services

Similar to the user-centered design of user interfaces, the involvement of users and consumers in the development process is a valuable basis for a positive service experience. Often, service providers are surprised to find out about the users' lines of thought – and use them as a basis for the successful redesign of a product, process and service.

Our user involvement methods include: design thinking workshops, on-site visits, interviews, focus groups, actual state analyses (products, customers, processes), cultural probes, diary studies, guerrilla testing, rapid usability testing and experience prototypes.

Identifying the critical interfaces

When we work on the details of a service, we use tried-and-tested means, such as service blueprints, stakeholder maps or business model canvases. Together with you, we identify the critical interfaces between your product and the relating service. We make a point of developing such services with a focus on the user and a high degree of user experience. But even bespoke offerings and innovations need to be put to the test in regular intervals. We keep testing to find out where products and services can be improved.

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Our services at a glance

  • design thinking for new product and service ideas
  • design of marketable services with a positive user experience - before, during and after the service
  • seamless integration of product and service
  • focus on interfaces within the service
  • competence in designing an (interactive) product portfolio to match the service

We look forward to working on exciting projects and to creating a first-class customer journey with you.

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