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Oct 24, 2016

Successful app development

From strategies and usage scenarios to the design all the way to technology and safety aspects: During all stages of app development, manufacturers can now resort to a new guideline on app development for the manufacturing industry. Being a member of the respective working group, User Interface Design GmbH (UID) contributed the company's expertise in design and implementation processes to this guideline.

Smart devices are ubiquitous in the consumer industry but they are also gaining a foothold in the working environment. "This is why users in the manufacturing industry also expect a positive user experience," explains Franz Koller, UID's Managing Director and member of the industry working group. "The great advantage of smart devices is that they can be operated from anywhere. Manufacturers can tap the full potential of this technology whenever they provide simple and consistent operation combined with a positive user experience."

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Guideline containing UID's expertise

UID has successfully completed numerous UX projects for the manufacturing industry, supported customers from various industries in app projects, developed user-centered concepts and designed and implemented applications for various platforms. The user experience company contributed its long-term expertise in manufacturing and mobile projects to the guideline, supporting readers in developing apps for the manufacturing industry. UID reveals potentials and usage scenarios, introduces key design principles and gives recommendations for the implementation. The "Concept and Design" chapter, for example, contains tips for designing a positive user experience. It illustrates why desktop HMIs cannot simply be transferred to smart devices and explains core design paradigms for the mobile world.

About the guideline

The guideline is aimed at manufacturers of investment goods wishing to design apps that optimize their products and processes. It gives decision-makers, product managers and developers alike insights into opportunities, challenges and solutions. The guideline is available online at the VDMA shop (in German).