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Less is more

The Swisstom BB2 is used in intensive care units to monitor mechanical ventilation. Nursing staff and doctors always have to interpret complex clinical data quickly and precisely, even when they're under pressure or faced with critical situations. Therefore, we opted for a minimalist structure and a clear design, which is strictly reduced to the essential. The functions are divided into three main sections, which can be displayed or hidden. Nevertheless, core data of the hidden sections are displayed in a compact view, giving an overview of the patient's condition at any time. That way, critical situations immediately become apparent and more details can be displayed at the touch of a finger. The color scheme, too, immediately draws the focus on essential information.

"The usability is excellent. It takes less than 10 minutes to understand how to operate the device. I have never seen this in a medical device of such complexity." Doctor using the Swisstom BB²

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The solution's success was made possible by the intensive exchange of ideas between our project team, the customer and the users. We discussed every little detail to keep the interface's structure as reduced as possible.


The visualization of the lung parameters is at the core of the application. The parameters show, for example, where the inspiration or expiration is delayed. But what pattern is suited best to display such information? What colors should be used to highlight vital data? Our data visualization experts tested various approaches to see which one makes complex data easiest to analyze. The result: The design of the visualizations is reduced, as is the density of information. The grid and the color scheme we opted for enable doctors to immediately identify where and how ventilation has to be changed.

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Trustworthy design

The friendly and light aesthetics make the Swisstom BB² stand out from comparable medical interfaces and facilitate communication with the patients' families.

Focus on the user

The bright color palette and lightweight fonts give the device a fresh and friendly appearance, focusing more on the human than the technical aspects.


Swisstom convinced the jury of experts at the iF Design Awards and received the prestigious design award for Communication Design.

Smooth integration

Thanks to its flexible interface, the Swisstom BB2 can easily be integrated into other devices or their monitors, and the branding can be adapted to other corporate designs.