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Cross-production consistency

With consistency and efficiency towards smart production – together with Dürr Systems AG and iTAC Software AG, UID developed a uniform, intuitive usage philosophy with a brand-specific, high-quality visual design. The result is an application suite that incorporates the touch-based equipment control software DXQequipment.operation and the desktop-based control center and MES solution DXQcontrol. The system's unique selling point is the cross-platform user interface, which guarantees a safe and consistent operation, "horizontally" as well as "vertically". "Horizontally" means that the system spans all production facilities – from coating to gluing all the way to the final assembly. "Vertically", on the other hand, encompasses all operational levels from application to conveyor and process technologies all the way to the control center technology including the MES.

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The process

UID's experts started with an on-site analysis at the plant of a leading automotive manufacturer in the south-west of Germany and at Dürr Systems AG's facilities, where they analyzed the existing production lines. In several concept workshops, they developed a consistent look & feel for all production levels starting with the application, conveyor and process technology. Afterwards, UID's experts transferred their concept and design to the control center and MES solution.

The team

Short distances and a stable project team allowed for an efficient and agile cooperation between UID's experts, Dürr Systems AG and iTAC Software AG. Together with all stakeholders, particularly Dürr's executive board, we were engaged in active discussions in order to achieve the best-possible result.

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Consistent brand experience

The concept and design developed by UID ensure a clear recognition effect, making the quality of the Dürr brand palpable. We used the Dürr-specific shade of blue as the dominant color in the entire design, creating a coherent and appealing brand experience for Dürr Systems AG.

Harmonious Look & Feel

The user interface design distinguishes itself through clarity and harmony: Recurring design elements such as a consistent frame with the main menu, general status information and features as well as the well-structured content area can be transferred to all areas of production.

Greater efficiency

The consistent concept helps the user to monitor and parameterize the plant at the same time. Gathering and analyzing user data and machine parameters allows for a targeted optimization of the production and the processes.

Ease of use

Recurring design elements make handling the equipment easier for the user. Irrespective of the level and language of the software used, the navigation and the design are the same. This provides for a consistently positive user experience.