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Three nominations for UX Design Awards 2018

Not one, not two but three UID projects are nominated for the UX Design Awards! A jury of experts elects products that offer users a special user experience. The intelligent learning table KoBeLu and two prototypes for people with dementia were shortlisted in the Concept category. This makes us one of 38 companies whose concept ideas or projects will enter the competition. Come and meet our contestants!

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Learning with the chatbot

Chatbots, augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) help trainees through their industrial formation: The augmented learning table KoBeLu enables them to practice skills under real-life conditions. Any tools and information needed are marked on the worktop using AR. A conversational user interface acts as a study partner: It uses the trainees’ language and accompanies them through their tasks like a friend. The table learns using AI, leaving the trainer with more time for personal support.

Storytelling with eye tracking

Reviving memories of people with dementia – this is the goal of two of the projects we submitted. Journey is a nonlinear storytelling tool. It shows people with dementia stimulating material, aiming to revive their memories. Using eye tracking, the software identifies the images that appeal to the patients and links them to related contents. That way, audio-visual stories can be adapted to the individual interests of the patients even if they are unable to communicate their needs because of their disease.

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Reviving memories

The pyramid was created during the InterMem (Interactive Memories) research project. It combines pictures from the past with corresponding sounds. The picture of a famous cathedral, for example, is accompanied by the sound of chiming church bells. This combination of images and sounds with a local or personal relevance for the patient aims to revive memories and inspire conversations.

Come and meet us!

Would you like to know how digital media will enrich the lives of people with dementia? Or are you interested in seeing the learning table of the future? If so, come and meet us at the IFA (International Broadcasting Exhibition) from August 31 to September 4. All nominees for the UX Design Awards are presented in a special exhibition. Or take the opportunity to choose your favorite UX project in the "UX Design Awards: Public Choice" online voting in autumn.