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Jun 6, 2017

UID Hackathon 2017: escape games with the HoloLens and smart Kitkats

A chalet in the German countryside: the start of the UID Software Hackathon 2017. Our software engineers top up their energy with food from the barbecue and beverages. In the following two days, they will program more or less non-stop, scratching their heads, racking their brains, investigating and discussing to eventually bring exciting little projects to life. 

The aim of our first internal Hackathon (=to hack + marathon) was to work undisturbed and with cutting-edge technologies, getting the chance to try out things that are a little crazier than our everyday work. The participants got back to work with new ideas and approaches for our customers' projects and a better team spirit.

Here are two exciting results from this event:

Cashless payments

Software engineer Andreas Neupert about the work of his team: "At UID, if you want something sweet, you go to the "candy corner" and get yourself a Snickers, Kitkat, etc. against cash. But how about buying cashless? We realized this goal using automated identification, voice output and purchase tracking." This enabled the team to gather valuable experience for programming smart objects.

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AR escape games

In live escape games, the players have to solve a problem within a given period of time to escape from a room. UID's HoloLens expert Jannik Lassahn explains: "We are interested in combining this game with augmented reality (AR) and have therefore tried out options for using the HoloLens with escape games." The team created a scenario in which the players have to open a virtual safe by posing questions to virtual characters tagged with markers.