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Measure attractiveness with eSURVEY

The new eSURVEY online tool by User Interface Design GmbH (UID) allows users to assess the attractiveness and aesthetics of interactive products. eSURVEY combines different online questionnaires: It gives users access to the well-known long version of the tried-and-tested AttrakDiff, an AttrakDiff short version and new features. Moreover, producers of interactive products now have the opportunity to use a digital version of the VisAWI questionnaire. It measures how users perceive the layout, colors and design of a product. eSurvey is available free of charge at

"These days, users expect more than just great functionality. Ease-of-use and an appealing design are decisive for a product's success. They influence the user experience, increase motivation and decide about whether we like using the product," explains UID's Managing Director Franz Koller. The eSURVEY online tool allows producers of interactive products to measure exactly these factors. To do so, they can choose from four questionnaire types: AttrakDiff to measure attractiveness and VisAWI to assess aesthetics. Both are available in a long and short version. Moreover, eSURVEY can be complemented by further questionnaires.

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New features

eSURVEY gives project managers access to a new AttrakDiff v ersion ( Since 2005, it has allowed producers of interactive products to assess how appealing their products are to users and whether there is room for improvement.

The new version provides better customization and features for easier project management, e. g. by enabling project managers to add their own questions to the questionnaires. AttrakDiff was developed by Marc Hassenzahl (Folkwang University of the Arts).

Design aesthetics

VisAWI ( measures how users perceive the visual design of graphical interfaces. In general, this would apply to websites but also covers prototypes, software or other media products. In order to record the users' subjective evaluation, they are presented with statements on an interface's design features. Do the colors match? Is the layout innovative? Is the page layout consistent? VisAWI logs four core aspects of aesthetics from the users' point of view: simplicity, diversity, colorfulness and craftsmanship. VisAWI was developed by the two psychologists Meinald Thielsch (Münster University) and Morten Moshagen (Kassel University).

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Testing scenarios

eSURVEY supports different use cases. They allow producers of interactive products to choose from three survey types: Project managers can

  • test an individual product
  • compare two products or
  • have a product rated at two different points of time.

eSURVEY is available in a basic version (up to 20 participants) free of charge in German and English.