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Jul 31, 2018

Smells like team spirit

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Therefore, we not only wracked our brains but also kicked up our heels at UID’s team event 2018.

Eight team work principles

Despite the hot temperatures, we dedicated the first day to the most recent research prototypes and the current status of our Artificial Intelligence activities. Moreover, all team members scrutinized the interplay between user experience, design and software in our customer projects. The result: eight principles for better interdisciplinary and agile team work, which enabled us to update mindsets and procedures in order to meet the challenges of digitization together with our customers. We rounded off the day with a delicious barbecue at the Sonnenhof country guest house near Stuttgart.

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Digital scavenger hunt

The next day was all about creativity and team spirit: We went geocaching in the nature reserve Schönbuch. In nine teams, the participants competed for victory. In order to get the coordinates for the next cache, the teams had to answer questions on maritime shipping and outer space. And that way, we even learned that a keelson is used to strengthen a ship’s framework. The next coordinates were revealed to the teams after a round of archery and footgolf, bringing them closer to their final destination. After some miles through forests and fields, everyone arrived safely at a countryside chalet, enjoying the evening on the sun deck.


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