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MCBW – I'm sharing it!

Sharing is the new owning. With digitization opening up new possibilities, so many more things apart from cars, books, couches, apartments or tasks can be shared, including leadership or responsibilities in our agile organization. At the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) on March 10 and 11, 2020 – Germany's largest design event boasting some 70,000 participants – we will demonstrate how sharing is changing the way we live and work.

Making plants sing

Nature sounds are nothing new. Everybody knows the humming of insects, the crackling of branches and the chirping of birds. But what is new is that plants themselves can produce sounds. In our workshop on March 10, 2020, you will learn how this works. Together we will build a sensor and use it to measure how the electric voltage in a plant changes when somebody touches it.

This will then be transformed into sounds. Have you got a favorite plant that you want to hear? Then bring it along! Everything you need for this workshop is your own laptop. Secure your spot for free at

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Meet our Experts

Have you got questions on a specific project? Do you need an evaluation of your portfolio? Or are you interested in exchanging ideas on a certain topic? From UUX concepts to user research, design or software – benefit from our experience! We provide feedback and tips on your individual questions. Get inspired!

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What's mine is yOURS!

We share our expertise in various presentations, highlighting somewhat unusual aspects of sharing in the world of user experience. Come and let our presentations inspire you:

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06.00 pm: Shared Economy

In 2019, sharing companies for scooters, bikes and cars were springing up like mushrooms at every corner. Now it's time to contemplate: What was worth it and will stay? What failed? Henrik's talk will speculate about new products and services that we might encounter in the future, and discuss what influence they will have on us as individuals as well as on our society.

06.45 pm: Shared Leadership

Today, companies are forced to constantly increase their speed, flexibility and customer orientation to stay successful in the long run. In order to keep up with the fast-paced developments we have to align on new ways of thinking and an inspirational, outcome-driven leadership style. Since 2019, UID has therefore embarked upon a path that will turn us into an agile company with cooperative leadership. Armin will report on our experiences as well as our journey and explain how we can master the challenges of the digital transformation with more autonomy and flatter hierarchies.

07.30 pm: Shared Reality

How can innovative technologies improve the day-to-day runnings in hospitals? Dominik will talk about our HoloMed project which deals with the user-centered development of a HoloLens application supporting neurosurgeons in ventricular punctures. The solution perfectly represents the surgery workflow in clear visuals. We are happy to share the insights we have gained in this project to ensure that your next augmented reality project will be 100% successful!

Be a part of it!

Let's move from theory to practice! Take on your new job as a neurosurgeon and perform your first ventricular puncture with our AR app HoloMed. This app is only one of many exciting projects that await you in our Open Lab.

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Key facts

We look forward to two creative days full of great ideas, new trends and innovative products.


  • March 10, 2020 | Workshop | 05–08 pm: Make plants "sing"! Sign up for free at!
  • March 11, 2020 | Meet our Experts | 03.30–06 pm: Get feedback and tips for your individual questions.
  • March 11, 2020 | Talks | 06–09 pm: Come and get inspired! Let's bring you up to date on shared worlds.
  • March 10–11, 2020 | Open Lab | 04–09 pm: Discover new trends and innovative technologies in our little project showcase.


UID Studio, Claudius-Keller-Straße 3c, 81669 Munich