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Jan 30, 2018

Experiencing the future of interaction – UID at the Munich Creative Business Week

What influence will networked technologies, virtual realities and innovative interaction have on the future of design? We will show you in an exhibition and a panel discussion on intelligent interaction at the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), Germany's largest design event, on March 7. Every year, the MCBW's 150 partner events attract 65,000 creative minds to the Bavarian state capital.

For the first time, our Munich studio will host an MCBW event on March 7: From 12 am onwards, an exhibition will give everyone who is interested in design the opportunity to gain insights into the future of interaction. From gestures in three-dimensional spaces to non-UI, ambient data visualization or virtual worlds in a small holodeck—the experimental projects at the crossroads between technology and design are an invitation to investigate and discover. The panel discussion will begin at 6 pm: The topic will be introduced in three keynote speeches before we will move on to discuss the latest trends and questions on intelligent interaction with you.

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Artificial intelligence

The revolutionary influence of artificial intelligence on our lives and work is on everyone's lips. But what actually is all this talk about? Where is artificial intelligence already in use today? What are future usage scenarios? In the first keynote speech, Manfred Dorn, UID's Head of Design, will give an overview of the status quo. Moreover, he will outline what needs to be considered when designing interaction between humans and artificial intelligence and how UX designers can master these challenges.

VR in development

In the second presentation, Georg Fuhrmann from Lightshape will explain how immersing into virtual worlds makes product development faster and more efficient. A virtual reality holodeck, for example, makes it possible to create a virtual room that you can enter to explore three-dimensional car prototypes. This enables developers to experience and evaluate new models from the inside and outside. The accompanying exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to discover virtual worlds with the Porsche VR Experience. The Lightshape project lets customers explore the new Panamera’s design and technology.

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Learning with a digital tutor

A table that serves as a personal tutor? In the KoBeLu research project, we are currently developing a contextual learning system for trainees and students of electrical engineering. Gamification, augmented reality and chatbots provide support and motivation for autonomous learning.

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The table analyses emotions, stress levels and learning progress and gives individual feedback just like a real teacher. A chatbot, for example, will talk the user through certain tasks like assembling a generator step by step, while projecting the tools needed right onto the worktop. Henrik Rieß, UID's Creative Director, will demonstrate what the future of learning may be like using the KoBeLu project.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Therefore, visitors to the accompanying exhibition will be able to try out the first KoBeLu prototype and put their talents to the test in an easy assembling project.

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Discuss & Explore "Intelligent Interaction"
March 07, 2018
Exhibition starts at 12 am
Panel discussion starts at 6 pm
UID studio, Claudius-Keller-Straße 3c, Munich