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Meet Selena & Vera: UX interns share their experiences

What does the daily life of our interns look like? Making coffee? Data maintenance? Copying papers? None of this! In this interview, our UX design interns Selena and Vera talk about themselves and their work, and they give valuable tips for an awesome internship.

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Selena, 22: She lives outside the town of Ravensburg and studies Digital Media Design at the Ravensburg University of Applied Sciences. Always by her side: her notepad, which she uses to write down anything that she considers important. She describes the internship as being informative, diverse and exciting.

Vera, 21: She comes from Nuremberg and studies Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences (HfG) in Schwäbisch Gmünd. You will rarely see her without her beloved headphones. Currently, she's really into podcasts. She describes the internship as being interesting, friendly and reassuring.

Selena and Vera, tell us about your work at UID. What do you like best?

Selena: During my work here, my interests quickly shifted towards concept development. First, I wrote the user test logs. Now, I can even accompany my colleagues during customer meetings, I participate in and analyze on-site interviews. This is really cool, especially because I hadn't been aware of such tasks before I started my internship since the field of concept development is only marginal in my course.

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Vera: My experience is quite the opposite. In my course, I deal with concepts a lot but here, I mainly work on graphical solutions. Basically, I start where Selena finishes, which doesn't mean that we don't work together. At university, I have learned not to distinguish between concept and design, both are part of the same process. And this is no different here.

Selena: Of course, I also work in the design process a lot. Currently,Vera and me are animating an internal automotive show case, and every now andthen, I also create icons (laughs). So we're always busy and have the opportunity to try out all fields. I really like that!

Vera: Exactly! What I like best is the flow state that you get into whenever you delve into a project together with the team to find solutions. In the end, you know what you have been working for – this is so cool.

This sounds awesome! So you are gathering lots of experience that will be of use in future, right? What will be your next steps?

Vera: Sure we do! What I've learned here will mainly influence the way I work: How do I approach projects, how do I structure them and bring them to completion? How do experts work? How do I communicate with my team? All this is part of everyday working life but there is little opportunity to learn such things at university.

Selena: I feel similar. Moreover, I have realized what all I do not know yet. My course is nearly finished and I actually hadn't planned to do a Master's degree. But in order to improve the skills I need, especially for concepts, I am now thinking about this option. But I need to write my Bachelor thesis first – and I might even do this at UID. And then I want to travel or do a Master's course in another country, preferably in Scandinavia, I'll see. In any case, right after the internship I will go on a road trip to France, passing Trier, Metz and other towns in the region.

Vera: I am currently thinking of the Spanish north coast – but only for vacation. I have not made any plans about where I will do my Master's course, at the HfG or elsewhere. But I still have a year to think about it until I finish my current course.

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Listening to you two makes me think that you are having a great time here. What tips have you got to share with other applicants or interns?

Vera: Definitely! We had a warm welcome here. Everyone is really nice, giving you the feeling that you are part of the team from day one.
As for my advice for applicants: Don't underestimate the importance of the visual presentation of your application when you want to work in companies like UID. And generally, be confident during your internship and try out new areas. Because that's what internships are there for.

Selena: Be natural during your interview, be who you are and show them what you know. During the internship it is helpful to be open and communicative. If you say what you want, you will get the chance to do just that. And: Try to gain as much experience as you can!

Interview by Roxanne Oestergaard.