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Feb 14, 2022

MCBW 2022: Enabling Sustainable Change

A prototyping event, a series of lectures on sustainability, workshops on team development – in 2022, we will again be part of Germany's largest design event, the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW). Join us on 17 and 18 May and learn how to achieve sustainable digital transformation.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for companies, designers and users. "Sustainability" is often equated with "good for the environment". However, sustainability includes many more aspects: Future-oriented products and services enhancing the quality of life. A project team that is perfectly positioned for sustainable success. A company that offers more "quality of work" for its employees through an agile structure. In our presentations and workshops, we highlight some of these sustainability perspectives.

Shaping a sustainable future

18 May 2022 | 5 pm–6 pm | Hybrid
Whether it's the Corona pandemic, the climate crisis or demographic change – humanity is currently facing major challenges. As UX designers, can we do anything to help solve them? We clearly say: yes, we can! Stefanie Angele and Merlin Schuster from UID talk about futures thinking and sustainable UX. They will show how UX designers can break classic thought patterns to develop sustainably and think in a future-oriented way.

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Fit for New Work

18 May 2022 | 5 pm–6.45 pm | Hybrid
Today, companies need to become ever faster, more flexible and more customer-focused to remain successful in the long term. To keep up with the rapid pace of change, they need to align themselves with new ways of thinking and an inspiring and results-oriented management style. Since August 2019, UID has therefore been taking the path to becoming an agile and cooperatively managed company. Dominik Zenth reports on our experience and explains how change can become a competitive advantage.

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Personalized experiences

18 May 2022 | 6.45 pm–7.30 pm | hybrid
The hype around 3D printing or DIY shows: "One fits all" has run its course – and this also applies to user interfaces. Users expect individualization at all levels. They want user interfaces that automatically adapt to their personality and habits. Designers must face this need and consider the possibility of individualization as early as the product development stage. Florian Schröder will explain in his presentation how this can be achieved and how customized user experiences can be created thanks to adaptive interfaces.

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Prototyping the future

17 May 2022 | 3.30 pm–6.30 pm | on site
Fire up the future generator! In this workshop, you will tinker, solder and program your own future kaleidoscope in the form of a physical prototype. You can use it to view future scenarios that could await us. In the workshop, you will not only get to know the future cone as a method of future thinking. You will also learn from a specific example how best to design a functional, physical prototype with little prior knowledge, effort and material.

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Successful working together

17 May 2022 | 4.30 pm –6.00 pm and 6.30 pm–8.00 pm | remote
Are you getting together as a team for the first time to start a new project? Or do you want your existing team to grow together even closer? In our workshop, we will provide suggestions on how your project team can become better prepared for collaboration while realizing its full potential. Jenny and Carina will provide tangible examples to show which methods and possibilities project teams can learn to understand themselves and be supported – for a pleasant and successful cooperation.

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MCBW back on site!?

We hope to welcome you again this year in our new Munich office at Theresienwiese. Part of our program is planned as an onsite or hybrid event: At the "Future Kaleidoscope" workshop, we create prototypes together. This works best on site – also because of the materials. If Corona puts a spoke in our workshop’s wheel, we will set up a remote alternative. The lecture series is a hybrid event: If you feel like it, you are welcome to stop by our office and listen to the live presentations. Everybody else is of course welcome to participate remotely.

Events at a glance

Does this sound exciting to you? If so, register now via the contact form and join us:


  • 17 May 2022 | 3.30 pm–6.30 pm | onsite | Prototyping workshop: Prototype your individual future kaleidoscope
  • 17 May 2022 | 4.30 pm–6.00 pm or 6.30 pm–8.00 pm | remote | Workshop: Team development – successfully working together as a team


  • 18 May 2022 | 5 pm–6 pm | hybrid | Sustainable future: How sustainable UX & futures thinking create sustainable, future-proof products
  • 18 May 2022 | 6 pm6.45 pm | hybrid | Sustainably positioned: How companies are preparing for the work of the future with agile organizations
  • 18 May 2022 | 6.45 pm7.30 pm | hybrid | Sustainably flexible: How adaptive interfaces personalize user experience


The onsite and hybrid events take place in our Munich studio (Haydnstrasse 11 | 80336 Munich, Germany). The participants of the hybrid and remote events will receive the access data in good time before the event.

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