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Nov 14, 2018

Happy Birthday UID!

November 1998: UID is born. 20 years ago, our Managing Directors Dr. Claus Görner and Franz Koller were true pioneers, aiming to make software more user-friendly. Today, millions of users interact every day with products designed and developed in cooperation with UID. Team members and partners are taking the opportunity to whish a happy birthday, looking back at the past and ahead to the future.

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Steffen (Team Manager User Experience): “In 1998, I started my summer job at UID. This means that I have been with the company more or less from the start. I have vivid memories of the time, especially our regular Nintendo gaming nights when we played Bomberman. Back then, our office had no more than three small rooms in Teinacher Straße in Ludwigsburg. My first real challenge was to keep a straight face during a meeting with a client who was so tired he nearly fell asleep–a very funny sight. Today, the challenges I face are very different: I have to look after my team and customers and manage projects in time, in quality and in budget.”

Andreas Beu (Managing Director Smart HMI): “20 years of UID – congratulations! I look back at my time at UID with great pleasure. Launching the second UID office in Munich and establishing the Industry section were great professional challenges for me. And to think that three more offices have been founded in the meantime is truly impressive. Of course, we will continue our cooperation, after all, Smart HMI is our common baby. Our latest project together was the development of the HMI system WebIQ, a software that allows industrial clients to build a web HMI without any knowledge of HTML. I look forward to the presentation of the latest version at the SPS IPC DRIVES 2018 in Nuremberg.”

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Lena (Manager Accounting): “In the last 20 years, the UID team has grown considerably – and yet we're still one big family. Our team events help to build support and trust within the team. By the way, our first team event was a rafting trip – with four people. In recent years, we've organized many awesome events: producing a video at the Bavaria Filmstudios, a tractor race, a quad tour, geocaching and many more.”

Daniel (Team Manager Software Engineering): “A lot has changed in the last 20 years. Years ago, it was easier to develop a pixel-perfect solution, today it needs to work across different devices while keeping up the quality. This is challenging for my team and me. On top of that, every project is different. One day, we develop a monitoring app for a large industrial corporation, the next day we work on a billing software for restaurants. And not only do customers differ, the team members also have diverse backgrounds and expectations … but this is what makes working at UID so exciting and fascinating. It's just great to see that we all – researchers, designers and software developers – work hand in hand to come up with a cool product.”

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Henriette(Corporate Communications): “20 years have left their traces in ourcorporate design. I have to admit that looking at our old corporatepresentations and trade fair stands makes me smile. But we are constantlymoving on as a company, and that is reflected in our design. And one thinghasn't changed: We are trying to present things in a simple and esthetic way.This not only applies to our projects but also to our corporate design. I amcurrently working on a new corporate design for UID which represents exactlythat.”

Prof. Dr. MichaelBurmester: “Before I was appointed a professor at Stuttgart Media University(HdM), I was the manager of UID's Munich office. And we are still workingtogether – for example in our current research project 3D-GUIde, in which wedevelop UI patterns for 3D applications. But research projects aren't our onlypoints of contact: Franz Koller is a member of the advisory board of theInformation Design program at the HdM. And current topics such as AI also bringus together – in the Buzzword Jungle at, I highlight such importantissues for the future.”

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