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Trend report highlights digitalization trends on the diabetes market

In our trend report "Digitalization meets Diabetes" we summarize our experiences and observations and identify trends on the diabetes market for you. As a specialist for the design and development of user-friendly products and services, we attach particular importance to technological innovation and the users' point of view: Find out what trends you shouldn't miss and how you make life easier for your users while securing important USPs for your company.

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Today, more than 463 million people around the world are affected by diabetes, and the numbers are predicted to nearly double by the year 2045. With this growth, the need for technology-based therapy solutions also increases. Intuitive, intelligent and connected medical products and services offer patients the chance of an almost unrestricted life – and manufacturers of medical technology some growth potential. But for manufacturers in the healthcare sector, the digital transformation also entails many questions: How can they meet the users' expectations? How can they make use of the benefits offered by digitalization in order to differentiate themselves from increasing competition? Our trend report identifies four trends that help to master these challenges.

With human-centricity to acceptance

The better solutions are customized to the respective target groups, the better their success in a nearly saturated market. Integrating the users' requirements and feedback at an early stage of the development cycle pays off manifold for medical engineering companies: Onlyif you have an in-depth understanding of diabetes patients and theirrequirements, you are able to develop products and services that offer themadded value. This is why user research and the human-centered design approachare key factors on your way to market success. Our trend report explains how user research leads to human-centered products and which methods are suitable for this.

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Rely on digitalization

Fromincreasing interconnectedness to automation and gamification – technologicalinnovation allows you to reduce the burdens mentioned above. In this process,choosing future-proof, integrative technologies plays a key role. However,there is a lack of connected and standardized solutions that are compatible andexchange data. So far, there are no common cross-manufacturer standards interms of interfaces or technologies on the market. In our trend report, you canfind out what needs to change for this and what needs to be taken into accountwhen selecting technologies.

The smart therapy

The future of diabetes therapy is digital, connected and data-based. Automated and AI-based smart and self-learning therapeutic systems can enable diabetics to lead an almost normal life. Closed-loop systems are the best example for this. For manufacturers, technological innovations entail two main challenges: 1. They have to identify the usage scenarios along the therapy workflow in which AI and automation can develop their full potential. 2. An intuitive and transparent design has to make the increasing complexity of using smart systems manageable for the users. Our trend report gives tips for the use and design of smart therapy solutions.

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Digital service portfolios

With digital applications, manufacturers can offer their customers digital added value and build digital ecosystems and services – above and beyond pure hardware. In this context, the approval of digital health applications for the reimbursement of diabetes therapies by health insurances is a new opportunity for providers of diabetes solutions. It is decisive for a therapy to be successful that they motivate and encourage the patients over a long period of time to cooperate and use them. One key to more motivation is gamification – i.e. the use of playful elements. Our trend report "Digitalization meets Diabetes" shows which gamification elements can be used in diabetes solutions.