We proudly present….www.uid.com

Now it’s here: our new uid.com. It is the result of an exciting internal project in which we solved a few tricky problems and polished up the presentation, especially in the final spurt. But now every pixel has its place and we hope you enjoy the new website!

Refresh for concept and content

At the beginning of the project, we put all previous solutions to the test and came up with some new solutions for content and concept. We have now improved the information architecture and adapted it even better to our target groups. Many texts have been revised and rewritten so that all information is now up to date.

Konzeptboard der neuen www.uid.com
Neue Banner auf der uid.com

In love with pixels

We are particularly pleased about a new, fresh design: the new concept is based on square shapes that take up the pixel, which forms the basis of our daily work. These square shapes develop into aesthetic grids with a clear structure. We also attach particular importance to establishing a visual language that meets our requirements: people-centered, open and future-oriented.

To give our content a visual identity, we have developed our own icon language that blends harmoniously into the design of our website. These icons not only serve aesthetic purposes, but also make it easier to navigate through our content.

Technically, we rely on the highest standards and use WordPress as our content management system. This means that our website is always up-to-date and dynamic and user-friendly maintenance and expansion is possible.

We cordially invite you to explore the new website and be inspired by our appearance. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!