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Information architecture – basis for the ui concept

Can users find their way around a website quickly and easily, or interact with ease with a mobile device or software? An important criterion here is the information architecture. It represents the concept for potential information units, interaction paths and functions of an interactive product, and integrates them into a clear structure.With the right information architecture, we give your products optimum usability.

Information architecture is commonly the first stage of the concept phase. It provides an overview of the structure of the system's content and functions, and also forms the basis for the navigation concept and wireframes. Using the information architecture, we structure content and functions into categories that match the tasks, the perception of the product and the appropriate user terminology. At the same time, this structure helps to support your communication goals. To this end, creating the information architecture is an iterative process: Modifications and additional functions can be integrated on a continuous basis.

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Approach and method

First, we determine the information and objects that users interact with. For each one of these information objects, we specify functions that the product is to offer users. A further stage is creating the navigation structure. Using methods such as card sorting, we group the previously defined information objects and find suitable designations for the navigation. The careful design of the information architecture forms a solid basis for the future user interface.

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