Gain success-critical impetus in the shortest possible time with our HMI Review
for the optimization of your product.

Optimize operating concepts and services while reducing costs

Our HMI experts analyze the existing HMI concept of your product world. This results in an action plan that provides prioritized recommendations for the modernization of your products and reduces development costs in the long term.

Your advantages

  • Cross-divisional, platform-independent operating concepts
  • Responsive design concepts for any display size
  • Use of modern technologies
  • New interaction concepts with touch, voice and gesture
  • More effective interpretation and visualization of data
  • More intuitive and efficient operation
  • More satisfied customers

Offer HMI Review

  • Coordination of the objectives and scenarios for the review (remote)
  • Expert review regarding the modernization and standardization of your HMI and service concept
  • Identification of weaknesses and potentials and derivation of short, medium and long-term optimization approaches
  • Documentation of the key findings in the form of a PowerPoint presentation
  • Development of an action plan with recommendations for action
  • Presentation of the results in a two-hour workshop (remote)

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