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HMI design for the manufacturing industry

The first Android app to make automation technology mobile. A complex inspection system that is as easy to use as the iPhone. Welding equipment that brings the look & feel of a consumer product into the factory workshop. UID creates inspiring solutions – also for the manufacturing industry. We support you on your way to an inspiring HMI design – from concept to design and software engineering. In this process, we never lose the user out of sight.

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These days, users expect more from investment goods than just easy operation. They want an HMI with intuitive design to facilitate their work. Moreover, it should convey the same positive experience that users know from consumer products since it is the HMI design that enables them to interact with your machine and, ultimately, with your brand.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is decisive for the fact whether work can be done efficiently, safely and with motivation, which, in turn, ensures that your company can hold up against its competition, is able to convince your customers and secures your long-term success. We help you turn your HMI into an important selling point for your product. Trust in our experience as a market leader in HMI design.

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Usability and user experience pay off

  • differentiation from competitors
  • increased efficiency and productivity
  • investment protection thanks to user involvement in the entire development process
  • reduced training costs thanks to quick familiarization
  • fewer standstill times and operating errors thanks to intuitive user interfaces
  • customer satisfaction and brand loyalty thanks to easy operability and attractive design
  • cost reduction during the development thanks to pre-defined standards
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Our HMI design services at a glance

  • requirements elicitation and concept evaluation in multi-national user studies
  • attractive and industry-compliant HMI concept and HMI design for apps, machines and machinery, field devices, drives, automation technology and engineering systems
  • modern, user-specific process visualizations of complex data
  • multi-cultural usability engineering and usability testing for global target markets
  • prototyping and implementing of custom controls or user interfaces- directly in .NET/WPF, Qt or HTML5- with common visualization systems such as zenon (copadata), WinCC (Siemens), WebIQ (Smart HMI) or VisiWin (inosoft)- native or cross-platform for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Our expertise for your successful HMI design

  • 20 years of project experience in HMI design for the manufacturing and automation industry
  • understanding of the special requirements of the investment goods industry
  • experience in the design and development for small displays, limited storage and processor capacities
  • HMI concept and HMI design with a feasibility guarantee by cooperating with our software engineers at an early stage
  • HMI design and software engineering for various languages and scripts (software localization)
  • idea giver thanks to cross-industry experience, e. g. for trends and design paradigms for mobile and consumer products (consumerization)
  • commitment in the VDMA and VDI industry associations (e. g. update of the VDI/BDE regulation 3850 and participation in the creation of VDMA guidelines on mobile solutions, usability and software internationalization)
  • Contact Person

  • Franz Koller
  • Managing Director
  • 07141 3 77 00 21
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