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State-of-the-art HMIs with ctrlX AUTOMATION

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The ctrlX AUTOMATION platform bridges the gap between machine controls, IT world and Internet of Things (IoT). It provides all the components needed for comprehensive automation solutions, focusing on open industry standards, web technologies and web-based engineering. This increases engineering efficiency by 30 to 50 percent.
It is supported by the visualization solution WebIQ, which is included in ctrlX CORE and entirely based on web technologies. With its integrated WYSIWYG editor and more than 50 responsive HMI widgets, WebIQ offers a multitude of design options for your HMI.

Our services

UID is a system partner for ctrlX AUTOMATION. We support you in implementing efficient, cutting-edge HMI solutions with ctrlX AUTOMATION and WebIQ. If required, we accompany the entire ideation, design and development process, analyzing the current situation, drafting and designing the HMI and delivering turn-key solutions. Alternatively, we provide individual components such as the HMI implementation using WebIQ or the migration of the existing legacy system into the ctrlX world – whatever meets your project’s requirements.

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Benchmark consumer world

Consumer interfaces are the benchmark for industrial HMIs. Because users transfer their experiences with intuitive and appealing UIs from consumer products to their professional life. We design and develop a market-leading, state-of-the-art HMI for ctrlX AUTOMATION that helps you set new benchmarks.

Intuitive operation

Right from the start of the development process, the user is at the center of our attention. User-centered solutions foster efficient and straight-forward operation, avoiding unnecessary mistakes while reducing familiarization periods and support costs. So that you can set yourself apart from your competitors with a reliable and productive operation.

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Brand-signature design

Our 100 experts for UX design and software draft, design and develop web HMIs that cater for the increasing expectations of clients when it comes to functional reliability and aesthetics. Our HMI designs showcase the quality of your band, creating signature, brand-specific aesthetics.


When implementing HMIs, we make best use of the opportunities provided by ctrlX AUTOMATION and the WebIQ visualization solution by Smart HMI. As needed, we complement them with customized HMI controls, themes and widgets that are exactly tailored to your requirements.

Migration to the web world

We pave the way into the web world by elegantly and efficiently migrating your existing system based on .NET, Qt and others to an HTML5 app while modernizing and optimizing it at the same time. Whenever the right strategy is applied, every functionality and design can be ported from .NET, Qt and others to HTML5.

Digitalization consulting

Would you like to be more than just a hardware manufacturer? We identify potentials for digitalization that offer your customers added value, and support you in tapping these potentials. This allows you to drive your company’s digital transformation forward and to establish digital ecosystems and services.

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20+ years of experience for your HMI

For more than 20 years, UID has proven to be a competent partner for machine and plant manufacturers thanks to our deep knowledge of the industry’s specific requirements. We are actively involved in industry associations such as the VDMA and the VDE (e. g. as a Board member in the VDMA’s "Software and Digitalization" division) to help foster the digitalization process in mechanical engineering.

Since 1998, our clients have been relying on UID’s outstanding quality. The result: more than 4,500 projects in the automotive, consumer, enterprise, manufacturing and medical industries. As idea givers, we enhance your project with this cross-industry expertise in trends and design paradigms for mobile and consumer products (consumerization).

As a long-term partner of Smart HMI, nobody knows the opportunities and scope offered by the web-based visualization solution WebIQ for ctrlX AUTOMATION better than UID. This combination of industry and tool know-how makes us your perfect partners for HMI solutions for ctrlX AUTOMATION.

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