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Trend radar for 2022

Our goal is to shape tomorrow’s innovations together with you today. Our innovation experts always keep a close eye on the current trends in design, technology, society and business. We have compiled the most important digital trends for 2022 for you.

Look forward to 15 pages packed with trends, examples – and above all concrete tips on how to integrate the trends into your projects.

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Laying the foundation today for tomorrow's success

The rapid pace, at which the economy, and society are currently developing, places high demands: What role will my company play in future? Which products and services will be relevant for people? Companies need to understand and anticipate change. They need to look at tomorrow's trends today, so they can make the right offer at the right time. Only those who recognize trends early on can develop their product strategy and corporate vision accordingly – and stay one step ahead of the competition.

One step ahead

With our trend report, we would like to share our observations and insights with you. Our innovation experts explain the 6 current trends that you will not be able to avoid in the future. We do not stop after describing the trend. Specific examples and tips for your project will provide you with impulses on how to implement the trend in your company.

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