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Challenges of digital ecosystems

Digital transformation and digitalization are changing product development. Customers make your brand and your company come alive through many digital touchpoints. The more complex your digital product and service world is built, the more important it is to have a common theme that holds your brand together. But digital ecosystems also pose challenges for design and development teams: How do you avoid redundant work? How do you get everyone to use the same design principles? How do you reduce communication and coordination effort? You can accomplish all this using a design system.

What is a design system?

A design system contains all the visual elements that characterize the interaction and design of your brand. It is a living library with clear rules, principles and reusable components like buttons or text fields. A design system is like a modular system with predefined design and code. Designers and developers can use this to create digital products and services. The advantage: The digital products look and work in the same manner. You can also implement digital products and services more efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Advantages of design systems

A design system helps your designers and developers produce new products and features quickly and efficiently in projects. By reusing components, they don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. There is time and budget to focus on the essentials: the user experience. A design system optimizes collaboration between design and development and eliminates many sources of error and redundancy. At the same time, it ensures the consistency your brand needs. This way, you offer your customers a uniformcoent brand and user experience – across all media and platforms.

Our services for your digital ecosystem

Build your own design system with our help. We support you from the first audit of your existing digital products to the documentation. We also make it easier for your employees to get started with the design system and enable them to expand it independently. Because a design system is only successful if people maintain it and enjoy using it.

Creation & implementation

  • Analysis of the digital ecosystem and identification of existing UI components & design guidelines
  • Requirements analysis with users of the future design system
  • Prioritization of products & services to be built on the design system
  • Recommendation of tools or systems for creation, maintenance and documentation that match your company
  • Development of a consistent and branded design style for your digital ecosystem
  • Design of UI components as a basis for further documentation
  • Documentation of the design system in the agreed format, for example as an HTML style guide based on the Atomic design principle

Management & maintaining

  • Raising awareness among all stakeholders so that they enjoy using the design system regularly
  • Supporting the introduction of the design system & integration into the company
  • Forming and consulting a responsible design system team
  • Further developing and assuring the quality of the design system as part of the design system team
  • Consulting on or establishing processes on how your employees use the design system in a user-centered way
  • Consulting on or establishing processes employees can use to maintain and extend the design system.

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What sets us apart

“Since 1998, we have been developing digital products and services with excellent user experience. We know how to create – and document – good and consistent design. We also bring this long experience in UX design to your project. We are also users of design systems ourselves in numerous projects. We know exactly what data and information a design system needs to provide so that design and development can develop products quickly and efficiently.

Steffen Neumann, Art Director, with UID since 2002

“A design system involves more than just components and guidelines. It is also about people using, maintaining and extending it. Therefore, we do not only focus on the creation and documentation of your design system. Rather, we help you inspire your employees for the design system. So that they enjoy using it regularly. We're also establishing the processes necessary for you to customize and evolve the design system.”

Jasmin Hellmann, Senior User Experience Designer, with UID since 2016

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