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More customer focus thanks to agility and collegial leadership

UID is becoming agile. As of August 2019, we are on our way to an agile organization with a collegial management approach. This involves more responsibility for the individual team member and less top-down governance. More motivation and flatter hierarchies. Having more passion for personal development and being open for a culture of feedback. This agile mindset helps us react faster whenever customer requirements and markets evolve.

Faster technological leaps, rapidly changing markets and customer requirements – to remain successful it is key to become faster, more flexible and, of course, focused on the client. Agile methods and strict customer orientation provide answers to the challenges of the digital transformation.

Agile mindset and new structures

In the daily business of many of our customer projects we have already been relying on agile approaches such as Scrum. Now we are aiming to take the agile principles to the corporate level. “If you put the agile mindset into practice, you have to accept that the cooperation within the company, the way of thinking and working, has to change, too. To us it was clear that we have to adapt our corporate structures so we can fully pursue this strategy,” says UID’s Managing Director Dr. Claus Görner.

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Flatter hierarchies – more autonomy

Hierarchies are being reduced to provide for leaner organization, e.g. by doing away with management levels such as unit or team managers. Instead we formed new teams that work together across different offices and disciplines. They focus on one topic and specialize in this segment of the market while bearing the sole responsibility for the advancement of their respective segment. This gives them more autonomy, enabling them to react faster and making independent decisions.

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More satisfaction – for clients and staff

Agile structures help us address our customers’ needs and requirements faster, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Our teams focus on the users and the markets, which helps them to offer products and services that perfectly meet the needs of the market and strengthen our customers’ market position. At the same time, the agile structures give our team members more leeway and the chance to shape the profile of their work.