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Everything at a glance

UID equipped the scanner with an extremely efficient touch interface that is safe and reliable to operate. Low performance, little room – the small display of only 4.3 inches was a special challenge for UID's experts, which they were able to master perfectly thanks to their extensive experience with embedded systems. Our concept provided for a clear overview of all functions. Moreover, expressive icons enhance the ease-of-operation, e.g. with realistic symbols that illustrate the individual scan functions.

"Despite its small size, the display had to contain many features. Thanks to the perfectly structured operating concept, the user now has a perfect overview." Franz Koller, UID's Managing Director

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Our usability experts first analyzed the usage context and the user requirements in order to develop a perfect screen layout and clear presentation.


The UID team got the VistaScan View ready for international markets. Thanks to our years of experience with international products, we always take the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the respective countries into account. Today, the VistaScan View is available in more than 20 languages. That way, even customers in Japanese-, Chinese- or Russian-speaking countries can benefit from the scanner's multiple advantages.

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Well-attuned products

The VistaScan View's screen design is perfectly attuned to that of two other Dürr Dental products.

A perfect match

The bright and friendly screen design picks up the product's design language and blends in perfectly.


In order to facilitate the implementation and to ensure future design consistency, we documented the look & feel in a styleguide.

CI conformity

By taking up the corporate design of Dürr Dental, we made sure that the user interface highlights the brand's quality.