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Service 4.0 adds a user-friendly service to the packaging machine manufacturer's product portfolio. The new web platform will enable the company's customers to get information on the productivity of their packaging lines - across different sites and in real time. A simple click of the mouse will provide information on the machines' availability, performance and quality. Clearly structured charts illustrate when and why downtimes occurred. Based on the data provided, Schubert will be able to predict possible machine downtimes and derive preventive maintenance measures or assist the repair work on the machines.

" combines service benefits with modern design and a consistent focus on the user. This gives our users an excellent starting point for the challenges associated with Industry 4.0," says Marcel Kiesling, Managing Director Sales, Service and Marketing at Gerhard Schubert GmbH

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The process

Visualizing complex data and correlations in a way that enables the users to interpret them quickly and safely was a challenging task. Especially UX designers and software engineers had to work closely together to find user- and performance-friendly solutions.

The team

In their own special "war room", the interdisciplinary team of UID and Schubert dealt with complex topics such as Big Data, predictive maintenance and performance indicators, and centered their efforts on user-friendly solutions. The close cooperation enabled them to permanently reflect on goals, strategies and approaches, quickly exploiting the existing potential.

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Outstanding service

Sophisticated features provide better service benefits. With a simple click of the mouse, the user can contact the customer service, initiate maintenance measures or order spare parts.

Variable level of detail

Based on the drill-down principle, the user can get various levels of detail on the state of the packaging machines - from a global view to a zoomed-in image of a particular module.

Powerful design

Dark backgrounds, bold colors and subtle color gradients give a modern look & feel.

High productivity

The easily comprehensible operating concept and clear design allow the user to efficiently monitor the machines and uphold the machinery's productive capacity. has been brought to life in the form of a trade fair showcase. The prototype is currently being tested but will be available to all Schubert customers in the near future.