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Strictly reduced and clearly structured

Safety, efficiency, reliability – this is what G&D's BPS X9 stands for. The new user interface highlights these qualities with its visionary and functional design. The processes are operated via a 15'' TFT touch display, which is seamlessly integrated into the casing. The strictly reduced and clear structure of the interface give the user a perfect overview of the current state of the machine and the ongoing processes. In addition, the animated machine visualizations allow for the unambiguous identification of work steps in the testing system.

"The new interface does not only look appealing, it conveys safety and reliability, providing a positive user experience." Franz Koller, UID's Managing Director

References Industry Gd Prozess 550


In a user-centered and interdisciplinary development process, our user interface architects first developed the interaction before visualizing it using wireframes. The visionary user interface design was then seamlessly implemented using .Net.


Our interdisciplinary team provided assistance throughout the entire development process – for a holistic and well-structured user experience.

References Industry Gd Team 700

International alignment

The clearly structured work steps in the navigational structure ensure that the system can be understood internationally.

Outstanding design

In 2016, the BPS X9 banknote processing system received an iF DESIGN AWARD for its outstanding user interface design in the Communications discipline (Apps and Software category).

Modular structure

Thanks to its modular setup, future tasks and hardware components can be added to the user interface as necessary.

Intelligent interface

In standard mode, the user interface is clear but unobtrusive. When user intervention is required, the interface comes into focus with strong colors and illustrated instructions.