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Cooking can be simple

Everyone can be a good cook – this is the promise given by Vorwerk's Thermomix. The all-rounder undertakes tasks such as mixing, steaming or stirring, saving the user valuable time. The new convenient, natural operation corroborates this promise. It consists of a touchscreen and a touch/turn button. These elements replace the 15 buttons of the predecessor model. Nevertheless, the functionalities of these operating elements are clearly separated: cooking time, temperature and speed can be controlled via the touch/turn button while the touch screen allows to navigate through the menu and the recipes.

"We are extremely proud that we were able to contribute to the new generation of this iconic appliance. Our goal was to inspire both novice users and expert cooks with the Thermomix." Henrik Rieß, UID's Creative Director

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At the beginning of the development, one thing was evident: The new Thermomix needed an innovative operational concept. During a creative design and ideation process, we tried, dismissed and re-thought different visions. In the end, we developed a usage philosophy that sets new standards.


We made a point of including the users into the development process to find out what they really want. Of course, this also included end users. But the sales reps' feedback was just as important as they are key for the Vorwerk sales strategy. We discussed ideas with them, tested these ideas with users and iteratively continued to work on them. The success of the new TM5 proves that it was worth the effort!

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Guided cooking

The "guided cooking" feature directs the user through the recipes using clear instructions and icons – satisfaction guaranteed.

Easy & creative cooking

The new, intuitive operation enables even novice cooks to create sophisticated meals while it inspires expert cooks to try out new ideas.


The sales figures are proof of the fact that the new user interface is to the users' liking. In 2016 alone, 1.35 million appliances were sold worldwide.

Treble award

With the iF DESIGN Award and the Red Dot Award, the Thermomix received two of the most renowned design prizes in the world. Moreover, it was given the UX Design Award: Public Choice.